16 May 2010

Hidden Pizza: Yellow Pages TV Ad, Melbourne (16 May 2010)

No more free pizza

I've just seen the Yellow Pages ad on TV which now uses the promotion of Hidden Pizza and the footage it took as part of it's two week opening. There's been quite a bit of debate about the whole promotion and whether it was actually of benefit to the Yellow Pages or not. I'm sure the marketing team that put it all together are saying it's a great win for Yellow Pages although many say Yellow Pages just spent a whole lot of money on something that attracted people who don't really use Yellow Pages and probably never will.

In reality I think if you give free pizza away then people actually don't really care whose paying for it and I'm sure even though you had to say you found the place through Yellow Pages many of the people who called to get their free pizza will probably never use Yellow Pages again. Some people didn't even use the Yellow Pages but found the information through blogs, twitter and word-of-mouth instead. I would think most people search for information online these days using search engines like Google rather than big up a printed Yellow Pages directory or searching through Yellow Pages online.

I love this comment which sort of sums up how I think most people would have found out about Hidden Pizza and not how the TV ad tries to make you believe:

Here's some interesting articles about Hidden Pizza if you want more information:


Sara (Belly Rumbles) said...

I think the whole hidden pizza play is hysterical. I continuously approached by yellow pages to advertise with them as I am sure others are too. I refuse as the yellow pages are so obsolete it is beyond a joke.

The funniest thing about the whole hidden pizza/yellow pages saga is that if it wasn't for twitter, blogs and the internet in general I wouldn't have known a single thing about it.

Maria said...

I saw this ad on tv last night and couldn't figure out if it was real or not, it looked too polished to be real! :D

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, i think you're right. when most people heard about free pizza and it was from a place called Hidden Pizza i think they all would have searched in Google and then would have some across a blog or twitter site talking about it.

hi maria, it is real footage from the time when the pizza place was open. i actually thought it was a new pizza place and for the first 2 weeks they would be doing this as a promo and then it would have been a normal pizza shop. it had a great concept of sustainability but it's a shame it's no longer around and was all for just a promo ad for yellow pages. apparently everyone that lined up and picked up had a sign a waiver that their image could be used later and thus for the yellow pages tv ad and anything else they want to use it for.

Yellow Page Qatar said...

hey sara what is problem with yellow pages who is not advertise this on yellow pages ?

Felcy said...

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Tony Destroni said...

hidden pizza in paginas amarillas ? i heard this once but i never try this ,looks very hard to find in this one.

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