15 June 2010

Notes Live: Australian Burlesque Festival 2010 - The Big Tease!, Newtown (11 June 2010)

75 Enmore Road, Newtown NSW 2042

Burlesque Feast

This is the first time I've visited the Notes Live venue which is quite a nice intimate venue. Tonight's performance is a burlesque event called 'The Big Tease!' as part of the Australian Burlesque Festival 2010. It was wise to have a ticket which included dinner so you could get allocated seating and hence hopefully a better view. I'm always a bit wary of food being served at large venues because my expectations are of wedding style food of limited choice which is generally prepared a bit in advance and not quite cooked to order. I was actually surprised at the dishes served and found them quite tasty although perhaps a little on the luke warm side.

The Salt and pepper baby squid with lime aoili ($12) was quite tender with a light crunchy coating. The Salmon fillet with asparagus spears, shaved fennel and tomato with caper beutte noisette ($22) was nice and I really like the shaved fennel in the dish. My Eye Fillet steak with roasted chats, sautéed mushrooms and wine jus ($26) was perhaps a bit on the pricey side for steaks although it was a quality cut of beef with no grizzle to be found. Ordered medium-rare it came out perhaps a bit towards medium and wasn't as hot as hoped but still enjoyable. The mushrooms were quite scarce on the plate.

Service was friendly although a bit absent at times to order drinks and there was quite a delay between serving entree and mains, it ended up being about an hour wait so I think the kitchen was struggling a bit. Water glasses were available on the table but I needed to ask for water as it seemed to have been forgotten. The burlesque show was very good and included many of the elite burlesque performers of Australia and some overseas talent. Sapphira the MC kept the crowd entertained between acts and I look forward to next years event and hope it'll be in a similar intimate venue which has a good open plan and raised stage.

PROS: Intimate venue, Convenience of food available, Easy to get drinks at the bar, Seating allocated for dinner tickets
CONS: A bit of a delay in table service for drinks, Limited menu
MUST TRY: Checking guide for future events

Australian Burlesque Festival 2010

Willowglen Brut $22/bottle

Salt and pepper baby squid with lime aoili $12

Salmon fillet with asparagus spears, shaved fennel and tomato with caper beutte noisette $22

Eye Fillet steak with roasted chats, sautéed mushrooms and wine jus $26


Table seating

The performers
MC: Sapphira

The Strawberry Siren

Australian Burlesque Festival organisers


Lining up outside

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Laura said...

I've never understood the why people like Burlesque but hey each to there own.

I've said it & I'll say it again. I want that Salt and pepper baby squid

Jen said...

Thanks for including the pic of the high heels. I had to stop and stare for a while... All so pretty!

The salt & pepper baby squid looks amazing! I love that crusty coating!

Steve Marshall said...

Fantastic shots Simon, I can understand why burlesque works for some, it works for me. I particularly like the cage escapade and the strawberry Siren. If I had to select some food as well, then I'll have the squid, too, thank you.

Brenda said...

Wow that girl on the pole is very talented! And good on you for capturing that!
The food looks pretty good too ; )

Simon Leong said...

hi laura, i guess it's creative, glamourous, entertaining and sometimes quite funny for me. and i'm a sucker with girls in high heels with nice legs ;-)

hi jen, they sure have a lot of choices in shoes. a bit of a sex and the city moment hehe

hi steve, there's some videos also I took on youtube if you search for the artist and australian burlesque festival. enjoy!

hi brenda, i think she's one of australia's best. i certainly can't do any of those amazing feats. so strong yet graceful.

Sarah Winehouse said...

Oh I LOVE BUrlesque!! Lucky ducky I wanna see soon, beautiful!

The Rabbit said...

Thank you for coming along and writing such a lovely review! Glad to hear you enjoyed the evening, we are certainly looking forward to coming back next year!


Simon Leong said...

hi sarah, there's always so many burlesque events happening in Sydney. hope you get to check some out soon.

hi rosy rabbit, looking forward to hearing about your next years show in due course with more amazing burlesque artists :-)

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