06 June 2010

Seymour Centre: The Coffee Cart and The Sound Lounge, Chippendale (28 May 2010)

The University of Sydney
Cnr City Rd and Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW 2006

Pre-culture bubbles

The last time I was at the Seymour Centre was many years ago to watch a very funny show by comedian Pam Ann. This time it's for a friend's band called the Siren's Big Band which is apparently Sydney's only all-female jazz ensemble. Before heading in you can buy a reasonably priced sparkling wine from The Coffee Cart bar in the foyer and sit in the entrance courtyard or for more substantial meals find a table downstairs in The Sound Lounge where you'll find another bar.

PROS: Culture is good for you, Very talented musicians
CONS: Didn't seem to be any air conditioning in The Sound Lounge so became quite warm, Sit early to find a table
MUST TRY: Seeing more interesting bands and performances

Jessica Dunn (bassist), Harriet Harding (saxophonist) solo

Ruth Wells (Tenor sax) solo

Rebecca Grubb (Alto sax) solo

The band ensemble

Full house

Sandy Evans - A leading saxophonists (tenor and soprano) and composer in contemporary jazz in Australia proudly supports the band

Outside courtyard

Entrance to The Sound Lounge


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I saw Pam Am many, many years ago-they was very funny indeed!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi lorraine, i wonder if we went to the same performance hehe that would be freaky :-)

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