24 December 2010

David Jones Food Hall: Fresh French Truffles $4900/kg, Sydney (24 Dec 2010)

Food Hall, Lower Ground, 65-77 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Rich pickings for Christmas

A recent tweet by Darlinghurst Darling to Simon Thomsen alerted me to Fresh French Truffles available at David Jones Food Hall http://plixi.com/p/64955796 fetching $4900/kg so I was curious to check them out. When you work out the price per gram of $4.90/gram it's about the same price I paid at Sigornelli Gastronomia for shaved Australian truffle. I haven't tried French truffle so if anyone wants to send me a belated Christmas present you know what to get me. It took me a while to work out where they were and then I noticed the cryogenic looking fridge brightly lit up in the middle of the greengrocer service counter. It was a bit hard to read the information flyer on top of the fridge so I'm not exactly sure who the supplier is. They also looked white but I'm suspecting they're perhaps wrapped in something? While scouting around the fruit section I noticed 2 kg boxes of cherries from Koala Country Orchards. They looked very similar to the quality ones I received from Top Juice so I'm pretty sure this is the same supplier. I reckon they'd have to be the best cherries I've seen of the season although they do come with a premium price tag. If you buy them directly online for $55 per 2 kg box they'll be about half price of what you'll get charged at the greengrocer.

Fresh French truffles ($4900/kg)

Box of cherries from Koala Country

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Miss Piggy said...

Whoa - that's so expensive! Is it more expensive than gold I wonder? Imagine having those truffles and cherries this X-mas! Yum.

Simon Leong said...

hi melbatoast, i think gold is about 10 times that amount at the moment but you can't eat gold :-)

Catherine said...

Quality food is always expensive.

French online

Simon Leong said...

hi catherine, so true

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