03 July 2011

Good Food & Wine Show 2011, Darling Harbour (3 July 2011)

Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

People with product passion

This year didn't seem to be as crazy and hectic as last year although I made sure I wasn't trying to rush around to see everything and tried to avoid stands when they were crowded and where the bottlenecks formed. I thought it would be nice to photograph the people behind the products this year instead of just the products and spend a bit more time finding out about what they were promoting. Crumbs Yarra Valley Gourmet Biscuits were making a very interesting Lemon Myrtle Shortbread which had a wonderful aftertaste once you munched on the biscuit. My taste buds were challenged by the marinated wallaby canape with Australian bush herbs by William Angliss Institute. Something I haven't had before but it had some lovely unique flavours. The John Boston Pale Ale had some nice floral notes which reminded me of the Little Creatures Pale Ale and had quite a refreshing taste. I enjoyed the flavours of the Pichler Tiroler Gluhwein mulled wine which would be great for Winter. The Bounty Burgers soy patty had some decent flavour and seemed quite a good alternative for vegans and vegetarians. There were plenty of choices from the Byron Bay Chocolate Co to sample and I was quite partial to the chocolate ginger coated with dark chocolate — yum!

A food show or festival doesn't seem complete these days without a have a few MasterChef celebrities doing cooking demonstrations like Alvin Quah (pictured above). They certainly are a fun bunch and happy to smile at the cameras and get photos with their fans. As always there seems to be those stands that have no relation to food or drink. I'm always puzzled to see the Free Instant Eyelift stand and adding a new level of weirdness is the Ford stand and Sydney Sunscreens Retractable Roof Systems stand — how the hell did these get in here? Anyway, after about 4 hours of casually walking around with quite a few free samples of food and drink in my belly it was time to head home and sort through the 11 kilos of samples that had accumulated in the granny shopping trolley. Thank you to all the stand promoters who willingly allowed me to take photos of them. I hope the show was a successful event for you all and I hope to perhaps see you at the next show.

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PROS: Free samples of food products and wine, Discounted products, Cooking demonstrations, Talking to the people behind the products to find out their food stories and passions for good food
CONS: Can get very crowded, Have to pay to get in, Getting your toes run over by prams and granny trolleys
MUST TRY: Free samples and spotting the chefs

Let the food tour begin!

Marion Grasby — oops, sorry about the bad photo!

George Calombaris at the Good Food Magazine stage

Nespresso stage — Justine Schofield cooking with coffee

Merchandise team doing the hard sell with a smile

Byron Bay Chocolate Co — the chocolate ginger was pretty good!

Crumbs Yarra Valley Gourmet Biscuits — the Lemon Myrtle Shortbread had a nice taste surprise

A Taste of the Bush — Dukkah and Macadamia Oil is a nice combination

Ernest Hillier chocolates — One Yard of Chocolate, how could you resist!

Tsingtao beer from China imported by Ettason

Pichler Tiroler Gluhwein— nice mulled wine for Winter

Smoke & Roast gourmet seasoning

Bounty Burgers — quite a tasty soy burger alternative for the vegan and vegetarians

Butchery lessons at Victor Churchill stand with Dave Ellis and Darren O'Rourke

William Angliss Institute team promoting Wild Australian Cuisine cooking classes

Marinated wallaby canape with Australian bush herbs by William Angliss Institute — was actually quite nice

John Boston Pale Ale and Premiun Lager

OMG! Fantastic Foods

Berconia Foods promoting Prima Taste

Ingham Mini Turkey Burger — Free!

Simply great meals — sign up and get a free showbag of goodies

Grove Avocado Oil — now that's something a bit different

Creative Gourmet Smoothie Cubes — I think I like the Berry one the best

OzHarvest — you guys are doing a great job!

VooDoo — yummy rocky roads

Kuvings juicer — cold pressing to keep it supposedly healthier

Anathoth — I love these jams

Ozganics — I like what your doing

Barilla stage and gourmet hampers ($15)

Peep talk before the cooking competition — 'Forget MasterChef, this is BarillaChef time'

Barilla Chef Consultant Luca Ciano

Lush Berries — very popular stand for good reason

Kopparberg fruit ciders — quite refreshing and would probably go well in a cocktail too

Riedel Wine Theatre

Barossa wine section

Clare Valley Wine Region section

Malaysia Kitchen Australia — serving up laksa samples

Chef Miguel Maestre at Lifestyle Food Chef's Table

Good Food stage with Chef Consultant Luca Ciano

Trolleys packed with goodies

11 kilograms of samples

Tweety Pie makes an appearance — that's one bird too big for the oven I guess

Awards for most out of place
Sydney Sunscreens Retractable Roof Systems — and you guys are here because…?

Ford — what the hell are you guys doing in here?

Free instant eyelift — um, yeah, OK, so how does this relate to food?

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Scott said...

Those trolleys would have been useful for carrying, but I lost count on how many times my toes were run over by incompetent "drivers" of them yesterday.

sara (Belly Rumbles) said...

Thanks for sharing Simon, I actually decided not to go this year. Instant eye lifts??? I agree, how, why and what tha!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I was pretty turned off the event after last year's... looks a little less crazy, but still... :S

msihua said...

Woah this is an epic post! I split the Melbourne one into 3... too many pictures! Loving that Alvin shot :)

Jude@protein powder said...

I enjoyed viewing all your shared photos in this post. I remember I had to buy my grocery now.:)

Laura said...

this post is brilliant, great haul too.

Brenda said...

Fab post, and it's great that you got photos of the people behind the product.

Corinne @ Gourmantic said...

We chose not to go after last year. Too chaotic and people diving in for freebies at every stand.

So... did you try the free instant eyelift? ;)

Wendy said...

Wow, I missed a one or two things, including the eyelifts! No loss there, but the lemon myrtle biscuits I regret. Thanks for the extra show coverage on what I missed. BTW Fri afternoon show traffic was pretty granny trolley free, but Fri morning there was a queue at 9am, to get in at 10am.

Mel said...

Nice to see the people behind the food in your post. I swear I didn't see half the stands that you've got here. Need to pay better attention next time.

Jasmin said...

Oh Scott, I couldn't agree more. Wearing sandals was a bad idea.

There also seemed to be a pram mafia targeting my poor toes.

Simon, did you sample slimuline? I must say I found it quite foul.

But the smoke and roast, smoked salts came home with us. They were so pungent and smelled amazing.

Great photos, as always.

Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi said...

My other half and I braved the Show yesterday and enjoyed ourselves (despite it being jam-packed with people!). Can't wait to try out the avocado oil! What was your best pick Simon?

sugarpuffi said...

i had a very good share of alcohol at the show...umm...around 40-50 glasses? LOL! i loved the strawberry raindrops from byron bay choc. did u try the beef biltong? they were AMAZING!

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