22 August 2011

Kylie Kwong's Oxfam Fair Trade Tableware Range Launch, Woollahra (22 Aug 2011)

63 Jersey Road, Woollahra NSW 2025

Keeping it fair for the workers

“Not only will the artisans crafting Kylie's first-ever product range receive fair wages and working conditions, proceeds from the sale of these products will support Oxfam’s work with communities in developing countries”

Thanks to Raina Hunter from Oxfam Australia for inviting me along to the launch of Kylie Kwong's Oxfam tableware range at the Tim Olsen Gallery. It was a light and spacious upstairs area to showcase the new tableware with its distinctive lotus graphic designed by Kylie herself. Apparently the tableware was featured on MasterChef which had the Dalai Lama — I missed this episode. I can't really fit any more tableware in my own tiny home kitchen but I'm sure it would make a nice Christmas present for those who are looking for gift ideas or for themselves. There was no shortage of canapés for the invited guests made by the team from Billy Kwong Restaurant whom also served organic wines from Kalleske which were quite quaffable — the Florentine Chenin Blanc 2010 seemed quite a good match for the Asian canapés. I was very impressed with the food that was served. Flavours were fresh and the combination of ingredients were well thought out. Having everything bite-sized was very handy and many of them were seafood based. My favourites were the Crispy fried Prawn Wontons, Balmain Bug wontons served in a spoon and especially the Ocean trout canape served on a crispy wonton. I believe Kylie Kwong doesn't actually have a catering service but if she ever decided to I think it would do very well. It was nice to meet a few other food bloggers I haven't met in person before, Martyn from Wholecome Cook, Mish Lilley from Mish Delish (visiting from Melbourne) and Jasmyne Middleton from Jasmyne Tea.

PROS: Kylie knows how to create some very tasty canapés, Love the light and airy gallery space, Oxfam supports fair trade for better prices, decent working conditions and improved market access for small producers in the developing countries
CONS: To try Kylie's food you'll have to visit her restaurant or at Eveleigh Farmers Market
MUST TRY: Revisiting Billy Kwong to try the dishes although you can't book a table and it's considered quite expensive but there's a menu focus on using organic produce

Friendly service

Orange juice, Organic Wines by Kalleske, South Australia, Florentine Chenin Blanc 2010, Clarry's 2010

Prawn wonton canape

Eggplant canape

Kingfish canape — fresh and tender

Scallop with XO sauce canape

Balmain Bug wonton canape

Japanese pumpkin canape

Beef brisket canape

Ocean trout on crispy wonton canape

Prawn wonton canape

Oxfam shop Kylie Kwong tableware hand crafted in Vietnam at Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts

The tableware prices

The benefits to people producing the range

Official speech time

Well-attended launch

Checking out the media kit

Mingle and networking time

Official photographer: Anna Zhu Photography


Rebecca @InsideCuisine said...

thanks for the great coverage Simon - I was invited but unfortunately I wasn't able to be there to support this event due to another commitment - felt like I was there through your post (wow you got it up quickly ...)

Claire said...

Impressively quick turn around for this blog, well done. Was really great to meet you guys.

Anna Zhu said...

Great shots Simon!

Paige Matthews said...

Woah the event looks fun! The organic wines must be delicious. Oh I can't help but drool by just looking at those prawn wonton canapes (omnomnom!)

And I must say that the Kingfish canape and the Beef brisket presentations are lovely!

Thanks for posting :D

Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi said...

Bug wontons? I'm in love! A stunning range by Kylie too - and so many will benefit from it.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

What a shame to miss all those gorgeous canapes... I remember reading an article on Kylie's Oxfam range - very pretty

JasmyneTea said...

Same night coverage! Fantastic photos, it was great to meet you! :)

muppy said...

I am so excited that so many people are getting behind the fair trade movement, it will make a difference. Thanks for the great post.

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