03 September 2011

Lashings Gourmet Takeaway: Charcoal chicken and burgers, Drummoyne (3 Sept 2011)

151 Lyons Road, Drummoyne NSW 2047
Phone: (02) 9181 1122

Popular burger haven for locals

For those with an appetite for big burgers you might want to consider the Lashings beef burger ($9.90) which includes bacon, tasty cheese, egg, pineapple, onion, tomato, lettuce and beetroot. Surprisingly I could still pick it up with two hands without the contents completely falling apart so in my books it's a good sized burger without being too big. The Big cheese beef burger ($8) is their Classic burger of tomato, lettuce, beetroot, onion and sauce with the extra protein of a slice of tasty and swiss cheese. Slightly smaller but equally as filling and manageable. Their charcoal chicken seemed to be popular and the Half chicken ($8.30) was pretty tasty and tender. The Chips ($4 small) were as you'd expect although our pre-order phone ahead of a Greek Salad seemed to have been forgotten once we got back to the house to eat for lunch. It was too much of a pain to head back to see if it was accidently charged with hungry stomachs to fulfill.

PROS: Good range of burgers to choose from, Seating available, Seems to be friendly and efficient service
CONS: Busy main street to find street parking
MUST TRY: One of the chicken burgers next time

Lashings beef burger - It's huge with mounds of bacon + tasty cheese + egg + pineapple + onion + tomato + lettuce + beetroot ($9.90)

Big cheese beef burger - Harvie (Classic burger with tomato + lettuce + beetroot + onion + sauce) with a slice of tasty + swiss cheese ($8)

Half chicken ($8.30)

Chips ($4 small)

Burger packaging

Seating and service counter


joey@FoodiePop said...

The burgers look great; I haven't been to a charcoal chicken joint for years!

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking burgers. Wouldn't mind to get there for a cheat meal.

Dumpling Girl said...

One of my local favourites, when I'm too lazy to make my own burgers for dinner :)

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