09 September 2011

Mad Mex: Launch party of new store, Ultimo (7 Sept 2011)

815 George Street, Ultimo NSW 2007

Another Mad Mex opens

“Mad Mex offers authentic Mexican cuisine with a Baja Californian-inspired menu of delicious and nutritious burritos, nachos, quesadillas and more all prepared with only the freshest ingredients and served in a fast casual format than can be preapred to dine in or takeaway”

Thanks to Stuart Fyfe from 6dc for inviting me to the store launch of the new Mad Mex on George Street near Railway Central. Director and Founder Clovis Young was on hand to demonstrate a few cooking techniques on how they make a flavoursome salsa. Essentially roasting/burning tomato, onion and peppers over fire will provide a smokey flavour. Blend together then add your favourite chilli for heat and flavour plus salt and lime juice for taste. The freshly made salsa was quite nice with some warmish tortilla chips. He mentioned a good supplier of Mexican ingredients is Fireworks Food which is the same place Barrio Chino use. Some tequila tasting and education was also in order. I learnt that tequila just has to have 51% agave to be classified as tequila. So hence the 51% agave Jose Cuervo Especial didn't smell or taste as good as Hornitos or Tres Generaciones which were 100% agave. As Clovis says, 51% tequila means 49% hangover — I think he may be right.

For my dinner I ordered the Crispy tacos with black beans, cheese, lettuce & sour cream with choice of filling ($9.90 for 3) so I could try the pork, beef and chicken in each of the tacos. The service was very efficient, although perhaps a little too fast and scary for someone who wasn't particularly familiar with the menu. I sort of felt I had to make my mind up quickly on what I did and didn't want on my order as ingredients were quickly thrown on top. In the end I couldn't even see my crispy tacos under the mountain of lettuce, cheese and huge dollop of guacamole (add $2). I guess they don't skimp on the toppings which might make it better value for money. I noticed Churros with melted dipping chocolate ($5.90 for 2 pieces) on the menu which I always thought was Spanish but soon learnt it's also traditional in Mexico. The churros were decently sized and cooked to a nice crisp although coated in a thick amount of cinnamon sugar which might be welcomed by some. The warmish dipping chocolate was good but be careful of any unfortunate drippings — a few seemed to make their way to my shirt and pants. The churros seemed to be pre-cooked into shape and then deep fried to order unlike Chocolateria San Churro which cooked the fresh dough to order making for a slightly less dense texture inside, although they were definitely better than the dry version I had at Cafe Hernandez.

PROS: Quick and efficient service, Ingredients seem pretty fresh, Portions are quite generous, Seating available
CONS: Quick service can also be a little scary and overwhelming if you don't know what you want, No public toilet available, Guacamole is $2 extra, Tacos a little messy to eat
WORTH TRYING: Churros with melted dipping chocolate, Tortilla chips with salsa

Crispy tacos with black beans, cheese, lettuce & sour cream with choice of filling ($9.90 for 3)

Nachos ($10.90) add guacamole ($2)

Churros with melted dipping chocolate ($5.90 for 2 pieces)

Picture menu and spicy beef option

Choose your style menu

Choose your filling and salsa

Sides, drinks and churros menu

Director and Founder Clovis Young in demonstration and relaxing with the crowd

How to burn vegetables to make a salsa

Time to blend the burnt vegetables then add salt, chilli and lime juice

Different types of chilli appreciation

Tortilla chips with salsa of your choice

Jose Cuervo Especial (51% agave, 49% hangover)

Hornitos 100% agave, Tres Generaciones

Taste testing: Jose Cuervo Especial, Hornitos, Tres Generaciones

Seating and decor

How to eat a burrito napkin

Corona bottle chandelair

Wall graphics


shawn@StreetFood said...

We walked past here last night and saw the opening and thought - "I wonder if Simon Food Favourites dude is here, he loves opening nights" - and there you were in the window chowing down :-)

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

I didn't notice lack of loo as didn't need to use one. They are a licensed premises and therefore thought they have to provide toilets? Has obtaining a liquor license changed? Or am I completely wrong?

Was lovely catching up again.

Simon Leong said...

hi shawn, you should have come up to say hi :-)

hi sara, they have a staff one through the kitchen which i used around the back but it's only for staff and not for public access.

thehungryduck said...

The 'how to eat a burrito' napkin is ingenious :) I see some people trying to use a knife and fork sometimes and its hilarious.

Great post :)

JasmyneTea said...

I was invited to that event, but couldn't make it :( spewing, because it looks like fun! Great photos :)

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