17 May 2012

Laksa House: Malaysian, CBD Sydney (16 May 2012)

QVB LG North, Shop 17, 455 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

House of Lacklustre Laksa

The last time I visited Laska House was a pretty disappointing visit but I thought I should at least return to try their laksa. This time I try the Chicken Laksa ($8.90) and unfortunately it's one of the most watered down laksas I've had around town. If you were a laksa virgin it might be a good way to ease your palate in but for hardcore laksa lovers I think you'll find it's a far cry from the depth of flavour you can expect from places like Malay-Chinese Takeaway. It's strange though because Laksa Laksa was much better in terms of depth in flavour and it's apparently run by the same owner. Perhaps the kitchens have their own laksa recipes. I'm not sure if I could bring myself to try anything else at this place unless someone has come across a favourite dish they think I should try. I can't work out why this place is so popular — perhaps because of its central location.

Other visits to Laksa House:
16 May 2012 - Chicken Laksa
11 Oct 2009 - Har Mee, Chicken Rice

PROS: Decent amount of seating, Handy central location
CONS: Disappointing laksa which lacked depth of flavour
MUST TRY: Avoiding unless someone recommends another dish on the menu that they think they do very well
Chicken laksa ($8.90)

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SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) said...

Too bad. I'd heard from someone recently that this place had great laksa, but the person wasn't a big laksa fan so I took it with a grain of salt!

JB said...

I can't agree with you enough about the laksa. So disappointing.

The other dishes are poor too. Much better choices in a block radius from the QVB.

Sophie @ teathymes said...

Yeah, definitely not the greatest of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY AGREE with you, laksa virgin would think this place is heaven.

I've recently found my new malay restaurant called " Nonya" , saw that you've also dine there. I personally perfer Nonya's chicken laksa:D , gotta love their $9.80 deal haha

Ashly said...

hey simon! you've got to try this place in Hurstville station! It's this really small chinese place right next to this large bakery. The laksa is on the display but I don't think many people know they sell it. It's the best I've had especially if you like it more creamy. It beats the one at Malay!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

I've always wondered about this palce. Haha and now I know ;)

onceuponafoodie said...

Oh, that's such a shame! I remember that place being great a few years ago!

Simon Leong said...

hi sarahkate, if you get them to try Malay-Chinese I'd love to know what they think of theirs, but each to their own taste i guess.

hi jb, i haven't found a dish i like yet at this place so i might just have to give up on them for inspiration

hi sophie, it sort of tastes like they're cutting corners and the flavour is suffering.

hi anonymous, i might have to try the Nonya laksa next time. thanks for the suggestion :-)

hi ashly, if you can find out more details about the place like the name of it would be great. sounds promising.

hi nic, in terms of my preference most others in the CBD are better

hi onceuponafoodie, i might have been one of the only places for Malaysian many years ago but there's so much good competition now in the CBD which I think make a much more flavoursome laksa

Wendy @ Obesebaby said...

hey thanks for the post! I never knew there is new laska place open and today is perfect weather for it. going to try for lunch even though it means i need to catch a train there :)

Simon Leong said...

hi wendy, everyday is a great day for laksa, but especially when it's a cold day :-)

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