09 June 2012

Chez Dré: Patisserie Boulangerie Café, South Melbourne (26 May 2012)

285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Chez Dré and all things nice

Armed with the knowledge by a Melbourne friend that highly recommended Chez Dré I ventured on a long leisurely walk from Melbourne CBD to discover a hidden world of amazing treats. My intentions were only to pop by for a quick checkout before heading on to Andrews Hamburgers for lunch but I couldn't resist the temptation of the counter display. I opted for a delicious looking Rhubarb danish ($4.50 takeaway) which had nice light pasty as hoped and the rhubarb and custard wasn't too sweet making it a lovely morning tea snack. I'm glad I had a map with me otherwise I probably would have missed this place being located down a lane way — as so many good Melbourne eateries and bars tend to be. I definitely hope to revisit again when I'm in Melbourne armed with an empty stomach and ravenous appetite to try a selection of things on the menu. Until then I'll have to rely on places like Bacco and La Renaissance in Sydney for similar sugary treats.

PROS: Vast array of tempting cakes and pastries, Generous selection of samples on offer to try, Buzzing atmosphere, Fair amount of seating although very popular
CONS: It's in Melbourne and not Sydney, Hidden from street view so make sure you know where it is first, Overwhelming choice
MUST TRY: Anything that tickles your fancy
VERDICT: Definitely hope to revisit when in Melbourne again
Rhubarb danish ($4.50) 

Generous free tastings — yum!

Don't miss the signs to head down the laneway

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milkteaxx said...

your post is making me miss melbourne so much!

tania@mykitchenstories said...

Looks great Simmon ... cant wait to check it out!

Simon Leong said...

hi milkteaxx, i always miss melbourne so that makes two of us

hi tania, keep me posted what you try if you get to visit :-)

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