12 July 2012

The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar: Oysters & Seafood, East Circular Quay, Sydney (11 July 2012)

1 East Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Oysters with a harbour views

On a perfect sunny day it’s hard to beat a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters ($28.50 dozen) shucked to order with uninterrupted views of Sydney Harbour and thankfully the 3 year old Port Stephens oysters retained most of their salty brine. Perhaps their size could have been more consistent but their freshness was evident. The eschalot vinaigrette was maybe a bit overly stark on the palate and didn’t quite have the sophistication of the one I enjoyed at Danks St Depot with their freshly shucked oysters. The 2011 Clare Valley Watervale Riesling SA ($10) was refreshing and young and a quaffable match from the menu. The complimentary bread was served slightly cool which unfortunately had dried it out a bit and didn’t quite have that crunchy crust you’d hope for. I wondered if it had been precut ahead of time and kept in a cool room ready to serve? The Zucchini flowers, filled with crab, ricotta and lemon mayonnaise ($19, 4 pieces) had a fairly thin crunchy batter which was just a bit thicker & slightly chewier in a few spots but still decent. It had noticeable crab meat which was good to see and I thought a bit more ricotta filling would have been nice. The Western Australia scallops, pork belly & caramelised apple puree ($27) was nicely presented with flavours that worked well together although it was quite a pricey dish for three scallops. I’m still a bigger fan of the scallop dish at Bistro Avoca which has lots of great flavours working well on the palate.

PROS: Water views, Reasonably priced shucked to order oysters, Service was friendly enough, If you like the sun then grab a spot near the waters edge
CONS: Dining very weather dependent, Sort of small and awkward toilets, Glare from sun so bring your sunglasses
MUST TRY: Oysters
2011 Clare Valley Wine Co Watervale Riesling SA ($10)

Complimentary bread with olive oil and salt

Sydney Rock Oysters, Port Stephens ($28.50 dozen)

Zucchini flowers, filled with crab, ricotta and lemon mayonnaise ($19, 4 pieces)

Western Australia scallops, pork belly & caramelised apple puree ($27)

The larger of the scallops was maybe just a touch underdone for my liking 

Can you really call it a special when it's the same price on the menu?


Wine menu

Bill $84.50 for one

Table support can be awkward for long legs or big feet

Toilets: Think of airline toilets but possibly smaller

Look about and dream you're in the tropics on a nice day

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