11 April 2013

Cabrito Coffee Traders: Coffee, CBD Sydney (21 Mar 2013)

10-14 Bulletin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Lane way caffeine traders

Caffeine addicts probably know about this little coffee place already but if not perhaps they should. My Cappuccino ($3.50) was very smooth with no noticeable bitterness and had a nice rounded flavour on the palate. There was no need to add sugar which is my personal test on how good the coffee is considering I'm not a regular coffee drinker. The 100% Liked on Urbanspoon by 15 visitors so far is pretty impressive so they must be doing something right. There were four lamington flavours available on my visit and I chose the Tiramisu Lamington ($4). Flavour was OK but a bit of cream on the side or inside would have helped to add more moisture to make it even better. Limited table seating outside is just large enough for a coffee and cake served with their cute kitsch cutlery. Service was down-to-earth and friendly and the baristas seemed to be very passionate about good coffee for their customers.

PROS: Friendly service, Baristas passionate about making good coffee, Kitsch cutlery
CONS: Limited seating outside, Tables too small to perhaps have a work meeting
MUST TRY: Coffee of your choice
VERDICT: I've only been once but would keep in mind if I'm ever in the area and in need of a good coffee
Cappuccino ($3.50) — smooth on the palate

Tiramisu Lamington ($4)

Cute customer probably waiting for a puppuccino

No free WIFI but an interesting name in the mix

Limited seating outside for a quick fix

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Sherrie Huang said...

Hahahaha that wifi name! I always like lamingtons as they are :D tiramisu definitely is different from the normal flavours out there!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where are the owners from. Obviously from a Spanish speaking country, so it seems odd to me that they sell tiramisu lamingtons.

Simon Leong said...

hi sherrie, first time i've come across tiramisu flavoured lamington as well

hi lateraleating, they get there lamingtons cooked by a friend i believe. it's a limited menu so it's mostly about the coffee here.

Spangly said...

I think they're mostly Kiwis with cute accents! The Mega Cheese toastie is mega awesome (as you would deduct from the name!) Love this place... great coffee, great service.

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