15 April 2013

My Kitchen Rules: Food Truck Challenge, CBD Sydney (30 Nov 2012)

Queen's Square, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

My food truck rules

It's been 4 and a half months since I saw three contestants from My Kitchen Rules come to Queen's Square to do a food truck challenge while apparently three others were down at Darling Harbour. The episode is finally being aired tonight, Monday 15 April, so I'll be interested to see what the judges thought of the food. I tried the Vegie Burger with harissa and parsley salad ($8) by Craig and Kerrie in the Veggie Patch VanThese guys were working frantically to keep up with demand from the very long lineup that suddenly formed. Who would have thought veggie burgers would be so popular. I'm wondering if this was because they were the first people to have their food ready or maybe the production team just made everyone line up on their truck to put them under the pump. It was a decent sized burger for the price and filled with lots of fresh ingredients although a bit messy to eat being a two handed job and having no tables around to sit at. I thought it was quite a tasty burger helped along with a decent hit of harissa. As I watched the judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans try it I noticed they weren't so enthralled, especially Pete, although maybe that was because it had been sitting around for 45 minutes until they actually arrived to try it.

Ashlee and Sophia were in the Tsuru Food Truck making Honey ginger steak with sesame eggplant ($10). Little did I know at the time they would end up being the most hated team in My Kitchen Rules history for their brutal honesty and nasty comments on the show. In saying that they seemed quite nice people at the time working hard in their tiny food truck kitchen. They were quite stressed getting their dish ready but they did a fine job in the end. The meat was quite tender and moist with good flavour and went well with the side vegetables they prepared. This was my favourite of the two dishes I bought although I wished I tried the Panko flathead, roasted potato with creole salsa and radish salad ($10) by Dan and Steph in the Eat Art Truck. By the time I decided I wanted to try it it had sold out. I heard it was very nice from others around and it looked pretty good. It must have been hot in that food truck though because Dan was sweating profusely. It was interesting to see the event being filmed and the film crew trying to get customers to talk about the food and what they thought of the service and timing of the dishes and how long people had to wait for their food including myself. You could tell they wanted something meaty to use in the editing room to make the show more entertaining. Manu was certainly a popular guy with the ladies as they crowded around him for a photo opportunity. Pete remained more aloof and was a lot taller than I thought he was.

PROS: Was interesting to see what happens behind the scenes
CONS: The judges are tasting the food when it's cold and has been sitting around for ages
MUST TRY: Waiting to see who will win My Kitchen Rules
VERDICT: Never believe what you see on TV :-)
Craig and Kerrie representing Victoria in Veggie Patch Van

Vegie Burger with harissa and parsley salad ($8) — pretty decent size. I quite liked the flavours although it was messy and awkward to eat with no seating or tables

Ashlee and Sophia representing NSW in Tsuru Food Truck 

Honey ginger steak with sesame eggplant ($10) — meat was pretty tender with good flavour and went well with the side vegetables. Fairly easy to eat with a fork.

Dan and Steph representing QLD in Eat Art Truck
Panko flathead, roasted potato with creole salsa and radish salad ($10) — unfortunately they sold out before I decided to want to try it. I heard it was very nice and it looked pretty good. 

Feedback from the customers 

Manu is one very popular guy with the ladies

Contestant dishes waiting for judges to arrive to taste test — actually about 45 minutes later
And action

Photos of people with their mouth full is never a good look

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Sherrie Huang said...

Haha I'm watching this on TV right now! Definitely not a fan of Ashlee and Sophia but interesting you got to see things happening behind the scenes :)

joey@FoodiePop said...

I thought that was you at the Veggie truck!

Shanshan Lam said...

awww so lucky you got to experience this! that burger looks massive esp for 8 buck!

Shanshan Lam said...

awww so lucky you got to experience this! that burger looks massive esp for 8 buck!

Michael Shen said...

Whoa, how did you manage to catch this? Coincidence, or did you find out somewhere?

Kelly @ MsBrulee said...

having to wait 45 minutes to taste - boy that's annoying.

Eha said...

Blind me: thought all six trucks were in line together?! Yep, never quite believe what you see!! Thought the Bondi fitness trainers did the best on TV :) !

James Mountbatten said...

I must admit to have been straying over to The Voice at times recently but this episode had me hooked like I was back at the beginning. Loved it... and the food looked delicious.

Cat B. said...


thang@noodlies said...

I thought I saw your back on TV!

Simon Leong said...

hi sherriem i don't think ashlee and sophia had many fans in the end except the tv ratings

hi joey, hehe nicely spotted

hi shanshan, it was a pretty good size for the price.

hi michael, i think the food trucks twitter was promoting it so thought i'd just check it out

hi kelly, the judges were basically eating very cold food by the time they tasted it. i wouldn't have found it enjoyable

hi eha, i think the tv show was hoping it would look like the same area. i'm thinking it would have been too hard to put them all together for space

hi james, seemed to be a pretty good episode

hi cat, was good to be able to taste as well :-)

hi thang, first time for me :-)

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