18 August 2013

Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream: Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia on a stick (18 Aug 2013)

339 calories of joy & happiness

I've been seeing a few tweets of late mentioning the new Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream on a stick range so when I spotted them in Coles with 20% off my curiosity got the better of me. My first reaction was to get one of each but then I reasoned with myself and tried to decide on just one flavour which was actually quite hard to choose as they all sounded wickedly good. In the end I decided on the Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia ($6, 4 pack Coles special) because I thought it's quite a classic flavour combination and macadamias are generally expensive to buy. Packaging and graphics very nice so kudos to the advertising company that did them. Once to take off all the packaging you're left with a product that looks very similar to a Magnum. Texture, flavour and creaminess of the ice cream all very enjoyable. Flavours work a treat together. The gooey caramel sauce wasn't that noticeable while biting through but you could sort of taste it. My preference is usually dark chocolate these days but this one was very nice. I'd happily have again but now interested to try the other flavours.

PROS: Was an enjoyable flavour combination and other interesting flavours available, Decadent treat
CONS: Decadent treats don't come cheap, High in sugar and fat
MUST TRY: Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia 
VERDICT: Nice packaging makes these look like a luxury treat. Exotic flavours will provide a point of difference to the consumer.
Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream: Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia on a stick ($6, 4 pack Coles special)
Nice packaging, easy to open 
Luxury looking packaging
Very similar look to a Magnum ice cream
Flavour combination a winner — hard to stop eating so thankfully it's only small
You had me at gooey caramel sauce!
339 calories per serving — ignorance is bliss

Spotted on special at Coles so I felt compelled to try. I wanted to get one of each.

Eye catching fridge promo — tah-dah!


Chris @ MAB vs Food said...

The connoisseur ice creams are great! My favourite is the King Island honey and pistachio. That one is definitely worth trying :)

Sherrie Huang said...

I have a big weakness for salted caramel! Sticks make for easier storage in the freezer :D

Amy zhong said...

ive always loved their ice creams and this sounds amazing! salted caramel all the way!

Simon Leong said...

hi chris, i've tried all 5 now and actually my least favourite was the pistachio one. was hard to pick a favourite of the other 4 though. all devilishly good though.

hi sherrie, your right about fitting more in the fridge. easier to serve as well ;-)

hi amy, you gotta try the coconut and the cookies n cream too. the vanilla one i thought would be boring but was a very nice vanilla ice cream. so creamy. look out for the specials in Coles.

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