17 September 2013

Baroque Pantry: Truffled Cheeseburger, The Rocks (13 Sept 2013)

88 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

Three visits to the pantry

Over the last 6 months I made three lunch visits and tried three different dishes at the Baroque Pantry and enjoyed my experience each time. The highlight has been the recent visit to try the Truffled Cheeseburger ($20) with a house grind patty of three types of Cape Grim Angus Beef (shin, short-rib and brisket) that comes with a pre-warning that it will be cooked still a bit pink which helps to make it extra juicy and moist. The Swiss gruyere, housemade ketchup, cornichons and black truffle combination works well on a soft brioche bun with a lightly salted crust. Served with crispy frites makes the meal surprisingly more filling than expected for the smallish burger size. The truffle butter used gives the burger a richness of flavour although by the end of the burger I was more than happy to take a break from the truffle flavour.

On my second visit the Twice baked cheese souffle with courgette, almond & parmesan ($20) caught my eye as the dish of the day. Enjoyable flavours although I would have probably preferred without the almonds as I though the crunch of the crust was more than enough for some added texture. The salad was dressed well which always gets a tick from me — I'm never a fan of naked salads. My first visit was for the Croque Monsieur ($15) of double smoked ham, b├ęchamel sauce, swiss gruyere on sourdough. Quite a decent sized cheese lovers toastie and comforting flavours that's hard not to enjoy. Service has been good each time and for those wanting a bit of a view there's glimpses of the harbour from outside although best to sit inside on a windy day as it's not particularly well protected and you might find your napkins flying off the table.

PROS: Tasty menu options, Friendly service, Seems reasonably priced for the quality
CONS: A bit far from the centre of town for a lunch visit but kitchen turnaround is efficient
MUST TRY: Truffled Cheeseburger
VERDICT: Tasty lunches that's reasonably priced for the quality
Baroque’s Truffled Cheeseburger: Baroque’s signature grind patty, gruyere, housemade ketchup, cornichons, and black truffle, served with frites ($20) — juicy and tasty
Visited 13 Sept 2013
Quality over quantity: It's a fairly thick patty making it quite filling for a small burger 
Patty is cooked to slightly pink — this one wasn't quite as pink as expected but it definitely wasn't over cooked
Menu options on 13 September 
Plat du Jour: Twice baked cheese souffle with courgette, almond & parmesan ($20) — good flavour and well dressed salad
Visited 19 June 2013

Baroque’s all time Croque Monsieur: Double smoked ham, b├ęchamel sauce, swiss gruyere on sourdough with green leaf salad ($15) — good flavours, decent size
Visited 26 March 2013
Decent size — although this photo makes it look small
Classic simple flavours make the best comfort food

Menu options although I believe it seasonally changes

Got to love a nice hand written chalkboard menu 
A bit of a harbour view from the seating outside but it can unfortunately also get a bit windy sometimes

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Amy zhong said...

i love this baroque pantry idea! i thoroughly enjoyed my meals there so i look forward trying out this place!

gaby @ lateraleating said...

I think it's better to be overwhelmed by the truffle flavour than unable to taste it!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

i love their cheese souffle :) or anything cheesy haha

Chris @ MAB vs Food said...

That truffled cheeseburger looks awesome! Love melted gruyere cheese on a big, fat patty. Guess I will be making a visit to Baroque soon :9

Simon Leong said...

hi amy, hope you get to visit soon

hi gaby, you right there i guess

hi vivian, it's a good one

hi chris, hope you enjoy :-)

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