23 October 2013

Good Food Month: The Malaya $45 menu, King Street Wharf, Sydney (22 Oct 2013)

39 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

Celebrating 50 years in the game

“Dine on the specialised Good Food Month menu for lunch or dinner at participating King Street Wharf venues during October and receive a complimentary beverage. Plus, be rewarded with complimentary movie treats to enjoy at the free outdoor movie sessions!”

Thanks to Jess Guilfoyle from The PR Partnership for inviting me to sample the Good Food Month menu ($45 per person including a drink) at The Malaya as part of the Food Art & Film By The Wharf during October. Four years ago I dined at The Malaya with my Malaysian relatives visiting Sydney which wasn't the most successful dinner but I'm glad to have found a couple of dishes I really enjoyed this time around. The Salt and Pepper King Prawns were my favourite today with fresh chilli, salt, cracked black pepper and shallots. Batter was crispy batter, the prawns were plump and overall was an enjoyable flavour. Hopefully they can achieve this result every time. The Coconut Beef Rendang was another favourite with lots of flavour and tender meat that fell apart easily. Not sure about its authenticity but it was very enjoyable with the steamed rice.

The Chilli Beansprouts and Garlic Chives was nice although I wish it came with more snow peas and shredded Chinese mushroom rather than just being mostly bean sprouts although I guess it's supposed to be a beansprouts dish. The Kapitan Chicken had enjoyable flavours to eat with the rice although best eaten quickly as the batter does lose it's crispiness quickly in the sauce. Being another curry dish I thought it would have been nice to contrast the rendang with perhaps a noodle dish instead for something different. I noticed on the website's set menus you can get the same dishes for $40 but it doesn't include the drink. For a larger meal the Malaya Menu for $50 person includes 3 entrees and 5 mains with rice which sounds like pretty good value and makes it easy for large groups.

King Street Wharf restaurant menu deals:

PROS: Efficient service and kitchen turnaround, Pleasant water view, Curry sauces available for purchase, Some standout dishes
CONS: Service ranged from pleasant and nice to a bit cold and perfunctory, Wasn't offered or served table water during the whole visit and was particularly missed being a hot day
MUST TRY: Salt and Pepper King Prawns, Coconut Beef Rendang
VERDICT: Definitely attracts a business suit crowd and set menus possibly offer the best value to try a few of their signature dishes
$45 per person menu 
Beer of choice included with the menu is the Tiger Beer 
Salt and Pepper King Prawns with fresh chilli, salt, cracked black pepper and shallots — crispy thin batter, plump prawns, nice flavour 

Chilli Beansprouts and Garlic Chives with snow peas, shredded Chinese mushroom stir-fried with garlic soy sauce and fresh chilli — enjoyable
Coconut Beef Rendang — lots of flavour and tender meat that falls apart

Kapitan Chicken with lightly batter pieces of chicken thigh fillets — enjoyable flavour 

All dishes cleaned up but would have loved some table water to be offered
Impressive open kitchen

Lots of seating — balcony seats get the water view 
Lots of business lunches here
Curry sauces available to purchase 
Pleasant water view 
Clean toilet although strange to see only one of the urinals has a privacy screen, looks like a couples urinal at the end

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Anonymous said...

do u take photos of men doing their business in the toilet kakkakaka

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, now that would be going too far ;-) but i have been known to be in the photos looking in the sink mirror if that counts :-)

Annie said...

the coconut beef rendang looks incredibly delicious. not surprised that it's a fave :)

Simon Leong said...

hi annie, so glad it was as good as it looks :-)

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