01 October 2013

Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2013: Open for nominations (1 Oct 2013)

Calling all Food Bloggers

Nominations are now open to vote for your favourite eats around Sydney in the inaugural Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2013 which coincides with my food blog's 5th anniversary and the start of Good Food Month.

The idea of these awards is to tap into the hearts, minds and stomachs of where the favourite places are for food bloggers in Sydney for mostly iconic everyday eats. We all have our particular favourites and I thought it would be a great idea to share them with our fellow food bloggers, family, friends and devoted readers through these awards. I know I have my long time favourites but I'm always on the look out for other suggestions to check out. The way this will work is all nominations received will be listed but if there's one place that gets more nominations for a category than any others then this place will be awarded a Food Bloggers Choice Award for that category. I'll provide that place with a logo they can use on their website and a certificate if they want to display.

So now there's 8 weeks to decide who you'd like to nominate for some or all of the categories or find the time to check out all those places you've been wanting to try to see if they're worthy of your nomination. I've selected a total of 40 categories based on eats of interest to me but also hopefully are quite common and popular for other food bloggers to want to know about. Hoping to concentrate on singular eats but please make comments if there's obvious ones I've missed and I can always add more if need be.

1 Oct 2013: Open for nominations
22 Nov 2013: Closing date for all nominations
29 Nov 2013: Final announcement of nominations

Social Media:
Twitter & Instagram hashtag: #SydneyFoodBloggers #ChoiceAwards #SFBCA2013

1. You must be a food blogger to nominate although passionate food lovers on instagram and twitter might be accepted so let me know who you are. For example if you have a devoted twitter account about food but you don't have a food blog you'd be eligible to nominate.
2. Any nominations must have been paid for, that means no freebies or sponsored eats. If you originally found out about a place via a media launch but then went back and actually paid for it to try again then that's acceptable.
3. Only one nomination allowed for each category so pick your ultimate favourite. It pretty much needs to be the place you would highly recommend to someone as your top pick above all others.
4. It must be a place that was open for business in 2013 in Sydney, and preferably still open so people can hopefully still go there to try your recommendation.
5. No money will be accepted for these awards.

How to nominate:
Download the excel spreadsheet nomination form available from: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sydneyfoodbloggers/files/ 

You decide how many categories you want to nominate a favourite place. It might be all or just a few. There's no right or wrong place — it all comes down to what you've tried and your personal taste. You decide what's your favourite and if it's a place no one has ever heard of then all the better so we can discover more exciting places to visit. Email your nominations me at simonleong[at]hotmail[dot]com by Friday 22 Nov.

I'll collate all the nominations and will share all the results in a post announcement that can freely be shared. All food bloggers that provide nominations will be mentioned in the post results with their blog name and website link.

Favourite Bacon & Egg Roll
Favourite Bagel
Favourite Banh Mi
Favourite Char Kway Teow
Favourite Cheeseburger (Beef)
Favourite Chicken (Deep Fried)
Favourite Chicken (Charcoal)
Favourite Chicken Rice (Hainanese)
Favourite Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich
Favourite Churros
Favourite Coffee
Favourite Croissant
Favourite Cupcakes
Favourite Duck Pancakes
Favourite Dumplings (Potstickers)
Favourite Falafel
Favourite Fish & Chips
Favourite Gelato
Favourite Hot Chips
Favourite Hot Dog
Favourite Kebab
Favourite Laksa
Favourite Macaron
Favourite Okonomiyaki
Favourite Oyster Bar
Favourite Pancakes
Favourite Pie
Favourite Pizza
Favourite Pho
Favourite Ramen
Favourite Reuben Sandwich
Favourite Ribs
Favourite Roti
Favourite Salt & Pepper Squid
Favourite Steak
Favourite Taco

Extra Categories:
Favourite Degustation
Favourite Hatted Restaurant
Favourite Vegetarian Restaurant
Favourite Yum Cha Restaurant

1 comment:

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Simon,

Thanks for your invite to participate in this blogger's choice nomination. I believe it is a great idea because I have always been an advocate of recommending specific dishes rather than restaurants to food lovers.

Restaurants can't do everything well to everybody's tastes so specific dishes are more objective although there are so many more that can be included. Here are some of my favourites:

Char Kway Teow - Cambridge Food Court, Wembley, Perth (Best CKT in Australia IMHO)

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Ginger & Spice, Neutral Bay

Laksa & Hong Kong style fried rice noodles with beef - Cao Thang, Flemington

Pho - Old Thanh Huong, Marrickville & Pho An, Bankstown

Roti canai - Mamak, Haymarket

Hatted & Yum Cha - Mr Wong, Sydney CBD

Malaysian hokkien mee - Jade Kindom, Heidelberg, Melbourne (Best in Australia IMHO)

Xiao Long Bao - New Shangahi, Chatswood Chase

Chinese XO pipies - Marigold, Haymarket

Mi Bo Kho - Hoang Gia, Flemington

Korean BBQ - Tosung, Homebush & Jonga Jip, Eastwood

French style Minute steak - Cafe Nice, Sydney CBD

Eggs Benedict - The Chalkboard Cafe, Waterloo

Deep fried aromatic duck & dry-fried Peking style shredded beef - Peking Inn, Pymble

Fish & chips - Garfish, Kirribilli

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