07 April 2015

Home cooking: 'Banatella' ice cream dessert (6 April 2015)

Easy as blending

Here's a very simple yet yummy idea for anyone that has a Thermomix although I'm hoping a decent result can be achieved in a food processor or with a stick blender. Blend some frozen banana with a good dollop of Nutella to taste. Makes a yummy ice cream style dessert. For that Easter touch a MaltEaster will do the trick. So glad I have a friend that loves using their Thermomix. 

PROS: Very easy to make, No cooking involved, I reckon it's guilt free considering most of it is banana
CONS: Need a Thermomix unless something similar will do the trick
MUST TRY: Making at home with a normal blender or stick blender
VERDICT: So easy to make and the end result is pretty yummy

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