14 November 2018

Continental Deli Bar and Bistro, CBD Sydney (31 Oct 2018)

167 Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000

Deli eats in the CBD

Three years ago to the date the NSW Leagues’ Club closed its doors in this location where I used to visit the simple bistro. Now stands a great looking bar and restaurant fit out by the popular Continental Deli team from Newtown. The Mar-Tinny ($18) doesn't take much bartender skills to serve this martini out of a can but those big juicy olives are so good and I hope they start to sell them off the shelf like they do in Newtown. Gilda - anchovy, olive & guindilla ($3.50 each) is a tasty bite sized appetiser done right. I go with the bartender's recommendation of the 'Mortdella' sandwich ($16). The addition of the tasty green chilli paste works well — a bit more please. A good side of crisp gaufrette potatoes is welcomed which you'll also find in their steak tartare. At first sight I was thinking this sandwich would slant too heavy on the bread but thankfully it was very soft and matched well with the generous amount of mortadella. It's a simple eat but a good one and quite filling so you could potentially cut in half and share along with another dish. Would I have again, maybe, but I'm now curious about the Salami & Cheese sandwich. A large tasty pickle on the side wouldn't go astray as well or sliced up inside. For those who love their International wines there seems to be plenty of choice on the menu.

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