20 August 2018

Gojima, Pyrmont (6 Aug 2018)

The Star, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Japanese sushi burger

It's my first time here and had my doubts about this burger concept but Chase Kojima seems to have done a great job making it possible. Burger visit inspired by Nick Effendi burger review who highly rated this burger. Gojima cheeseburger - Angus beef, cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce & special sauce, wrapped in Japanese sushi rice and nori ($12.90) had a nice juicy pattie, melty cheese and tasty sauce. I didn't think it would hold together well but it managed to stay stable throughout the eat. My only reservation is the smell of the nori seaweed when eating a cheeseburger as my brain is thinking I'm about to eat a sushi roll. It's a pretty drippy eat so just watch out. I like how they give you a wet wipe with the meal which certainly does come in handy. Next visit I'll try their other most popular burger of the Salmon Miso Sushi Burger which I'm suspecting the nori smell won't be as strange for me. Friendly service and a nice clean seating area.

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