07 December 2014

Cooking tip: Use a wooden spoon to stop pots from boiling over (7 Dec 2014)

Simple and effective

Here's a simple cooking tip that everyone should know about. Use a wooden spoon to stop pots from boiling over. That's it. I've heard about this for a while but keep forgetting to do it so this is the first time I've managed to remember to try it. While cooking some pasta I watched the water come up to the top with a full boil and then pop down 3 times. The bubbles get popped by the spoon when it's about to boil over and then settles back down. I didn't think it would work so was quite excited to see it actually does work. I wish I knew about this so many times before. This is also my shortest blog post ever. I haven't had as much time lately to blog with a two year old and new born at home but I really needed to break the blogging drought. My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are still very active and I'm finding by the time I've uploaded content to these it's back to family time or bed time. Here's hoping to blog more when I get a chance. Perhaps I need to keep my blogs short and sweet like they were when I first started blogging like my first visit to Kingsford Chinese Restaurant.

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