13 October 2021

Home cooking: Raw Brussels Sprouts Shredded Salad (9 Oct 2021)

Light & Healthy Salad

This salad is definitely something new I haven't tried before with the much polarised Brussels sprouts. Raw Brussels sprouts shredded finely with a little olive oil, lemon juice, grated pecorino romano cheese, salt & pepper as per recipe inspiration spotted on @geoffreyzakarian. I'd do this again. So simple and I think tastes much better than boiling the little buggers. I don't mind a well roasted Brussels sprout as well but it's not as time and energy efficient. Personally being a coleslaw fan I think this could be combined with come carrot, cabbage and onion as a variation.

12 October 2021

Sponsored post: Chaya Green Tea

Chaya Green Tea 

Japan made. Single origin. Small batch. 

Japanese for 'tea shop', Chaya Green Tea is a family run, certified-organic green tea maker, passionate about sustainable production from soil to sip. 

Their organic Matcha and green teas are from a 7th generation, certified-organic, single tea farm in Kyoto Japan, where they have been growing tea since 1858. This is single origin tea. (Who says that term only applies to coffee beans?) Chaya is set up by two Japan born, Aussie tea drinkers Tony & Yuri Fry, and they’re passionate about leveling-up the quality of Japanese green tea here in Australia.  

Chaya’s organic tea range include: 
Ceremonial Grade Matcha 50g. 
Premium Sencha (loose leaf) 50g. 
Green Tea Powder 50g. 
Hojicha (roasted) Tea Powder 50g. 

Chaya chooses to import their teas into Australia in small monthly batches, making its way from the farm only when it is ready and at the intended pace of the farmers. 

All of Chaya's teas come in fully recyclable (and reusable) tins, wrapped in sustainably produced paper labels, that leave a much smaller production footprint than commonly used pouches. 

Find out more about Chaya: https://chaya.co 
Instagram @chayagreentea #OrganicMatchaAustralia #JapaneseGreenTea #ChayaGreenTea 

[Text and images supplied by Chaya Green Tea #sponsored]

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