27 February 2009

Croquembouche Pâtisserie, Randwick (23 Jan 2009)

Shop 2 65/71 Belmore Road, Randwick, NSW 2031

Some yummy treats of naughtiness although the fresh fruit did help to make them more healthy.

Mixed red berries tartlette $4.90

Peach and passionfruit mousse with a chocolate wrap

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26 February 2009

Bungalow 8: 'All You Can Eat Mussels', King Street Wharf, Sydney (10 Feb 2009)

3 Lime Street, Sydney NSW 2000

All You Can Eat Mussels and Chunky Fries for $22.50 on Tuesdays cries out 'Challenge' for me. How many mussels can you eat? I came close to devouring 3 Belgian kilo pots and thankfully there's 5 different flavours to pick from including Laksa (Lemongrass and Ginger in a Spiced Coconut Sauce) and Tom Yum (Galangal, Lime and Chilli in a Fragrant Thai Broth). With a few mussel loving friends I was lucky to try them all.

Mussels: White Wine with Chives and Onions in a Cream Sauce

Mussels: Provencale with Bacon, Tomato, Shallots and Garlic in a Napoli Sauce

Mussels: Thai Green Curry with Coriander, Bean Sprouts and Bamboo Shoots in Coconut Cream

The feasting table

Bungalow 8 dining area

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Home Cooking: Blood Plum Strudel (8 Feb 2009)

My first attempt at making something sweet with Pampas puff pastry and I'm starting to think you can pretty much put anything in puff pastry. I added a bit of cinnamon and boysenberry jam when stewing the blood plum to make it a bit more saucy and tasty.

Blood Plum Strudel sprinkled with icing sugar and served with freshly whipped cream, Chef Leong :-)

23 February 2009

Muoi's Feast, Byron Bay (30 Jan 2009)

11 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Phone: (02) 6685 7557

Oysters my kind of way

The dressing on 'My Way' oysters from Muoi's Feast is one of my favourites along with Tetsuya's oyster dressing. I would love to try everything on their menu as it all looks so yummy. The sauce of the Vietnamese Lamb Shank was full of flavour.

Oyster 'My Way' topped with lemon, lime, chilli and fish sauce $13 for 6

Mixed entree of scallops, prawn flaker and duck spring rolls served with wild rocket and red radish salad $26

Vietnamese Lamb Shank: Slowed cooked in oven with light soy sauce, tomato, lemongrass, chilli, ginger, star anise scented with curry powder

Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu: Crispy cooked crumbed tofu with saute diced capsicum, onion, shallot, garlic salt & pepper, served on Asian green and rice $17

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Balcony Bar & Restaurant, Byron Bay (29 Jan 2009)

7/3 Lawson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Arrive early if you want to find a nice lounge spot on the balcony to watch the sunset while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying tasty tapas at this very popular bar and restaurant in the heart of Byron Bay nightlife.

Lulas anel - salt & pepper dusted calamari, cooked in a light tempura & served with lime aioli $10.90

Queso a la parrilla - grilled haloumi, served on a bed of pepperonata, topped with a salsa verdé $9.90

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Mavis's Kitchen, Mt Warning (29 Jan 2009)

64 Mt Warning Road, Mt Warning NSW 2484

A beautiful scenic drive from Byron Bay brings you to Mavis's Kitchen which has it's own organic garden. Prices seem reasonable for this very healthy lunch and dinner spot with tranquil views of the surrounding area and if you have time there's also hiking trails nearby at Mt Warning.

Organic spinach, roast capsicum and ricotta flan with salad $18.50

Organic lentil burger with salad $17.50

Warm strawberry and apple crumble with cream $8.50

Table setting with fresh pots of herbs for purchase

Chalkboard quotes

View from balcony

Kitchen area

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Chinese New Year 'Love Letters'

Recently my dad came back from Malaysia with two large tightly packed Milo tins of Chinese New Year 'Love Letters'. One shape was flat and triangular as pictured below and the other was rolled. So yummy and crispy and he says they're much better from overseas than the ones made here.

Love Letter from Malaysia

Fresh strawberries marinated with Grand Marnier, topped with vanilla mascarpone cheese and Love Letter, Chef Leong :-)

11 February 2009

Home Cooking: San Choy Bow (24 Jan 2009)

A simple stir fried dish of pork mince, bamboo shoots, carrot, shallots and sesame seeds mixed with hoison sauce and oyster sauce served in iceberg lettuce leaves makes for a tasty meal. I think of them as Asian Tacos.

San choy bow, Chef Leong :-)

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