06 July 2015

MasterChef Blogger Experience in Melbourne: Sneak peek at ‘The Passion Flower’ dessert challenge by Pastry Chef Darren Purchese and a quick Q&A with MasterChef judge George Calombaris


The passion for perfection

“Believe in your dream, always be true to yourself, and always cook with honesty” — George Calombaris

Brought to you by Nuffnang and MasterChef

So I’ve been watching most of the MasterChef episodes and it looks like the competition is ramping up and the best contestants are starting to shine through as favourites and potential finalists. The standard of many of the contestants at this stage of the competition seems very high compared to previous years, so it’s only fitting the challenges are getting pretty tough too.

‘The Passion Flower’ by Darren Purchese

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the hardest dessert challenges that’s been on MasterChef. Having the opportunity to try this dessert was great as I’d never try and attempt to make something like this myself. There are so many processes and elements to get right. But I’m sure there’ll be techniques that many home cooks will love the challenge of trying out themselves once they watch how it all comes together on MasterChef.

During my visit to the Burch and Purchese sweet studio, Darren was kind enough to share his thoughts about MasterChef:
“I was honoured to be asked back into the MasterChef kitchen to set a pressure test for this season. In my opinion the contestants this year are the highest standard of any other, because of this it is getting harder every year to come up with a new challenging dish. With this in mind I set to work on a dish that would challenge most chefs, a dish so tricky to master that even me and my team were nervous that it might not work! In all, the dish has 12 elements with 31 steps but the biggest challenge is that it has moving parts! I hope you’ll love watching the episode as much as I did to be a part of it.”


Here’s a few of my own questions I had the opportunity to ask MasterChef judge, George Calombaris that I was curious to know.

Q. What's your favourite thing about MasterChef?
A. Integrity, simple people, amazing food, dream big. IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL

Q. Is there anything you wouldn't want to eat on MasterChef?
A. Bad food but we rarely get that.

Q. What advice would you give MasterChef contestants?
A. Believe in your dream, always be true to yourself, and always cook with honesty

Q. What do you think of social media?
A. Love it as long as it’s used with respect and positivity

Q. What do you think of food bloggers?
A. Love them.

Thanks again to Nuffnang and MasterChef for this unique opportunity. It’s not long now before we see who has the skills and passion to be our next MasterChef Australia.

So who’s you’re favourite to win?

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