31 December 2010

Singapore Shiok!*: One of Sydney's Best Har Mee?, Haymarket (6 Oct 2010)

Eating World Harbour Plaza food court
Shop 213, 25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Best Har Mee in Sydney?

To date Malay-Chinese Takeaway has been my favourite place for a flavoursome prawn soup of Har Mee but it now has a new contender in my books which is on par if not possibly better. The humble Singapore Shiok!* serves only 9 dishes on the menu and makes a full flavoured broth Har Mee ($10.50) without being too salty. It's substantial in size although I would love the bowl to be a bit larger so there's room to move the contents around without worrying about it spilling over the sides. There's plenty of prawns which could possibly have been deveined a bit better and an abundance of the highly fatty and crispy pork fat plus a sliver or two of pork meat which makes it a delicious winner.

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PROS: Very flavoursome, Plenty of ingredients including pork fat, Not overly salty, Possibly best in Sydney
CONS: Prawns could be better deveined, Soup fills the whole bowl so be careful
MUST TRY: Chicken rice, Hor Fun, Har Mee

Har Mee ($10.50)

Prawns, pork, fishcake, pork fat, egg, vegetable

Flavoursome broth

Two types of noodles

Pork and golden nuggets of crunchy pork fat

Eat, Deli Kitchen: 'The Reuben' Wagyu Salt Beef on Rye, Westfield Sydney (19 Nov 2010)

The Sydney Room, Level 5, Westfield Sydney
Cnr Market and Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000

Not quite what I was hoping

I must admit I was very excited when I heard there was a pastrami on rye to be had at the new Westfield Sydney but once I worked out their version was actually served cold I knew it was going to be a far cry from the famous Katz's Delicatessen version I loved. I opted for the warm 'The Reuben' Wagyu Salt Beef on rye, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard mayo ($13.50) which seems to be their signature sandwich and more comparable to what I was expecting. The meat isn't as thinly sliced and juicy as the much loved Katz's but it now sets the standard for finding a better one in Sydney. It's a pretty expensive sandwich but thankfully fairly filling to keep you satisfied for a while. The cold open cut sandwiches look pretty fresh and tempting so perhaps something to try for next time.

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PROS: Pretty tasty, Fairly substantial, Freshly made, Good variety of sandwiches to choose from
CONS: On the expensive side of sandwiches
MUST TRY: Other sandwiches on the menu

'The Reuben' Wagyu Salt Beef on rye, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard mayo ($13.50)

Pastrami shaved on rye ($13)

Roast beef and grilled vegetables with baby spinach ($11.50)

Open salmon sandwich with capers and créme fraiche ($13.50)

Open sandwich with grilled zucchini and feta ($11.50)

Hot sandwich menu

Cold sandwich menu

Coffee menu

Ingredients for hot sandwiches

Service and preparation counter

Rowda Ya Habibi: 3 Turkish Delight Flavours, Newtown (30 Dec 2010)

101 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Delightful flavours

If you're a fan of the rose flavoured Turkish Delight at Rowda Ya Habibi then I suggest you ask them if they have the Lemon or Mint flavoured Turkish Delight as well. They don't usually stock these other two flavours but fortunately for me a friend ordered a box from the restaurant of all three flavours and made up wonderful Christmas gift packs for his family and friends. I actually can't decide which flavour I prefer the most. The lemon seems to be the most subtle in taste and the mint perhaps the strongest. They make a great traffic light dessert too when stacked together if you want to get creative.

Lemon, Rose and Mint Turkish Delight

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29 December 2010

Merry Chrismukkah: Cocktails and Canapes (18 Dec 2010)

Inspirational Christmas canapes

is a pop-culture neologism referring to the merging of the holidays of Christianity's Christmas and Judaism's Hanukkah as celebrated in interfaith households where one parent may be of Christian heritage and another parent of Jewish heritage.

Being invited over to a Christmas party is a wonderful treat, especially when the hosts are amazing home cooks that love making delicious canapés from scratch. It was a very inspirational night of seeing the hosts busily preparing the wonderful selection of food in the kitchen which had taken them most of the day to prepare. Amongst the canapés on offer were the Smoked salmon roulette which looked great and tasted great. I love my lamb cutlets and their Lamb cutlets with carrot puree and topped with pomegranate seeds was excellent — a combination of flavours I haven't tried before. An abundance of Cheese and potato filo pastry rolls were made from scratch and satisfied every cheese lover in the house — the dill worked really well in the mix. For sweet tooth the Blinis with mixed berries were topped with melted Callebaut Belgian chocolate at the last minute — a lethal combination of yumminess. I was very impressed with the amount of effort that went into all the food and I believe our hosts could consider being full time caterers one day if they ever wanted to give up their existing day jobs. I also loved their very classy Christmas tree with little lights at the end of branches and very cute hanging ornaments — I want one now.

Innocent Bystander 2010 Pink Moscato — rather sweet and easy to drink

Order of service — every good kitchen has one

Prawn with cucumber and vermicelli

Smoked salmon roulette with dill crepe

Lamb with tzatziki and Chicken with satay

Salmon risotto

Lamb cutlets with carrot puree and topped with pomegranate seeds

Cheese and potato filo pastry rolls

Blinis with mixed berries, whipped cream and melt Callebaut Belgian chocolate


Christmas tree

Lanterns on the balcony

Candles in the hall way

Alcohol in the shower — very Aussie tradition

Empties of a successful night

Festive wreath

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