27 March 2014

Wanting to create your own Media Kit for PR? Here's my Social Media Kit Stats as inspiration (27 Mar 2014)

Let's get socially active

So you've been asked by a PR company for a media kit about your food blog but have no idea what to give them. Well here's my Social Media Kit Stats which I thought might be of interest to other food bloggers if you don't know where to start or what you might want to include. Keep in mind this is what I feel would be important for a PR company to know about me and my social media reach. Just like a resume there's countless ways you can provide information about your food blog or any type of blog for that matter that might be helpful for PR companies if they're looking to approach a blogger. I think at the end of the day it boils down to what you want to share, what the PR company might find useful to know and what's achievable in obtaining current stats at the time you need to provide them. I've chosen something that hopefully gives a good overview of my interests and provides enough stats that I can easily obtain quickly. Free free to base your media kit on something similar or just take as inspiration for developing your own media kit if you don't  already have one. I find each time I update it it's interesting to see how its changed and it's also a great way to remind you of what you've achieved and perhaps give you inspiration of where can improve. Over time I'm sure it will develop and change depending on what might be necessary to share but at the moment it seems to give me and hopefully PR companies a good snapshot of what Simon Food Favourites is all about.

SOCIAL MEDIA KIT STATS for Simon Food Favourites as of 27 March 2014

Interests: Food, Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Special Events, Runway, Launches, Art, Sculpture, Festivals, Burlesque, Health, Kid Friendly products and venues

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Some popular Instagram likes:
Hot Star Large Fried Chicken http://instagram.com/p/l8-2biNET-/
Momo Brasserie Burger http://instagram.com/p/l6jaqZtEVH/
Jones the Grocer creme brûlée http://instagram.com/p/lzFyfHNEXE/
Art Gallery of NSW strawberry cheesecake art http://instagram.com/p/loYQjNtEUc/
Taste of Sydney icon park dish http://instagram.com/p/ll_OXrNEQF/
Strawberry & Watermelon Cake http://instagram.com/p/isYsk_NEYP/

Simon Food Favourites Facebook: 1377 followers
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Examples of event photography:
Moutai Store Opening Launch, Haymarket - 18 March 2014 http://on.fb.me/PLJKSF
Nakd Water Media Launch, Cafe Del Mar, Sydney - 1 Mar 2014 http://on.fb.me/1fSYk3P
Cocktail & Tapas Degustation at The Carlisle Bar - 26 Feb 2014 http://on.fb.me/1qX0RPx
Qantas Restaurants Launch, Rockpool Bar & Grill - 4 Feb 2014 http://on.fb.me/1eQ2TI1
Myer Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Collection Launch - 8 Aug 2013 http://on.fb.me/18juXlB
Establishment Birthday Party - 18 Sept 2013 http://on.fb.me/16vEzrn
Chef George Calombaris with Morning Fresh - 17 Oct 2013 http://on.fb.me/1aEzzbZ
Red Lantern on Riley 1st Birthday - 22 July 2013 http://on.fb.me/16COW1b

Sydney Food Bloggers Facebook: 1179 followers
I started this group and I look after the admin

Yours sincerely
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17 March 2014

Four Frogs Crêperie: French Galettes and Crepes, Randwick (9 Mar 2014)

30 St Pauls Street, Randwick NSW 2031

French crêperie hits the spot

“At Four Frogs Crêperie, we’re particularly proud of our galettes. These savoury crêpes are created using a traditional recipe, but what makes them unique is the highly nutritious buckwheat flour which is milled in the store. We maximise the taste, freshness and nutritional content of the buckwheat – which means we’re producing authentic galettes just like the ones our grandmothers made.”

These guys haven't been open long in Randwick but seem to be gaining popularity quickly as a brunch and dinner option. Decor is all about the red and white without the French blue and service is friendly and down-to-earth with mostly French accents both on the floor and in the kitchen. Cappuccino ($3.50) was enjoyable and quite smooth and the Plain croissant ($3.50) and Pain au chocolat ($3.50) are made in house and very nice for dipping into your coffee. There's quite an extensive menu of savoury galettes and sweet crepes on offer plus more on the specials board — so hard to choose. All the galettes had a nice crispy thin base which was also tasty. I liked my Chorizo, mushroom, avocado & swiss cheese ($16) and the tasty chorizo had lots of flavour. Smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese & dill ($16) was enjoyable and the Garlic gambas, mozarella, cherry tomatoes, peri peri sauce and spring onion ($17) had some nice extra flavour from the peri peri sauce. The galettes were light enough to thankfully be able to fit in some sweet crepes. Fresh raspberries, mango, crushed pistachio, vanilla bean mascarpone & maple syrup crepe ($15) was good and the Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream and Grand Marnier ($14) gets flambeed at your table so get your cameras ready for this one. Crepes were thin and very nice. Actually it was all 'very nice' and makes me want to revisit again to try more of the menu. It's hard not to like these galettes and crepes when they're cooked to order and done so well.

PROS: Galettes and crepes very nice, friendly and down-to-earth service, efficient kitchen turnaround, Plenty of seating
CONS: So many choices on the menu you'll want to try them all, Toilets are located upstairs so could be an accessibility issue for some, Street parking comes at a premium in this popular dining precinct, Tables are a bit on the small side, Cushions on the wall bench are a bit too thick to sit comfortably with them
MUST TRY: Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream and Grand Marnier Crepe
VERDICT: A good addition to The Spot for some tasty galettes or crepes served by friendly and polite staff which mostly French accents
Cappuccino ($3.50) — smooth enjoyable flavour
Garlic gambas, mozarella, cherry tomatoes, peri peri sauce and spring onion galette ($17) — quite tasty
Smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese & dill ($16) — nice
Chorizo, mushroom, avocado & swiss cheese ($16) — enjoyable and tasty
Plain croissant ($3.50), Pain au chocolat ($3.50) — baked in house, good flavour and nice soft buttery texture
Nice buttery texture and flavour
Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream and Grand Marnier ($14) — nice thin soft crepe, good flavours

Fresh raspberries, mango, crushed pistachio, vanilla bean mascarpone & maple syrup crepe ($15) — enjoyable 
Savoury galettes menu
Sweet crepes menu

I found the cushions on the wall bench a bit too thick and hard to sit with it comfortably. They were pushing me a bit too far off the bench. The bench is also set higher than the chairs so if you want to feel taller than your dining companion go for this side.
Ground floor seating
Upstairs seating
View of Randwick Ritz

Toilets are located upstairs so potential accessibility issue for some
Nice and clean toilet

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07 March 2014

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken: Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Sydney (5 Mar 2014)

96 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Fried Chicken by the handful

“No preservatives, no additives, not frozen chicken. Fried to order, always cooked fresh.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than KFC ie Korean Fried Chicken, along comes Taiwanese Fried Chicken, I guess we call it TFC. Apparently originating from the Taipei Shi-Lin Night Market this 'palm-sized crispy chicken' aka Original Fried Chicken ($7.90) is gaining popularity at a fast rate from the signs of its busy 4th day of opening in Sydney. Promoted as moist and tender it certainly was and had an enjoyable and pleasant crunch from the crumbing. Flavour wise it's pretty tasty and depending on how much red chilli spice you request will determine if you can still taste the chicken — I recommend starting with just a little. Also don't get that red chilli on your clothes, it will stain them as I unfortunately found out, and your fingers as well. I found out the chicken they use are '100% chemical free, hormone free, and steroid free chicken. Though not free range, they are 100% cage free'.  Also the oil used is '100% canola oil, which is low in saturated fats, contains high levels of cholesterol lowering fats, including Omega 3 and 6'.

Expect to find some bone and cartilage left in the chicken which I guess proves it's actually real chicken rather than processed and reconstituted although I'd prefer if it didn't have any bones at all so you don't have to worry about eating around it. I'm assuming it's not free range and organic chicken though but how nicer would your conscience be if it was. It's takeaway only but you can find some bench and stair seating next door in the open garden area. Service is efficient although bordering on a little perfunctory. I guess we all would be if the only thing you were cooking all day is bloody fried chicken by the vat full with a face mask. Sort of feels like a production line — chicken in, chicken out. Now we know why the chicken crossed the road — to escape being deep fried at Hot-Star.

PROS: Fried to order, Surprisingly moist and juicy chicken meat, Tasty crumbing, Pretty cheap 
CONS: Fried chicken is never a healthy choice, No seating, Only takeaway, I'm suspecting the plastic bags provided are not biodegradable but happy to be corrected, Feeling a bit guilty and dirty after eating so much fried chicken on its own — I'm craving salad now
MUST TRY: Original Fried Chicken, Revisiting to try the deep fried mushroom and curly fries
VERDICT: It is what it is and they seem to have a system that does it very well. Would love to have a piece of this chicken (without the bones) in a white bread sandwich with lettuce and mayo which would be one very nice chicken schnitzel sandwich — might have to BYO the ingredients to make it myself.
4th day of opening with busy lunch crowd

The original Fried Chicken — it's bigger than it looks on the menu
Need more calories — add a can of soft drink! 
Decide on how spicy you want it. I asked for medium although it never made it onto the docket and I think it hadn't for others as well so double check your docket and watch if they put some on. I had to tell the server I wanted some red chilli on it before she gave it to me.
No preservatives, No artifical flavors — hopefully the chicken is hormone free as well?
Everyone gets a plastic takeaway bag — I'm feeling guilty for the environment already if it's not biodegradable
The future's so bright I gotta wear shades when I serve customers

A vat full of crispy chicken — vegetarians look away!

Hold out your plastic bag and I'll serve you your fried chicken
Everything that comes out of this kitchen will be from the yellow food group
Pepper and red chilli seasoning — my advice so easy on the red chilli
Lots of order in front of mine. It took 15 minutes from ordering to receiving but I guess it depends how busy to is at the time.
Original Fried Chicken ($7.90) — moist, tender, tasty, evil for my waistline

Bigger than my palm

Moist and tender chicken. I wonder if they premarinate it in something. I kept burping a garlic taste for some reason.
Watch out for the cartilage and bones

Left over bones, cartilage and excess crumbing I thought best not to eat to be a little healthier
Damn, this red chill stains. I'm thinking I got this from up against the service counter so watch out.
A bit of an orange staining on the fingers too so bring along a wet one
Garden area next door you can sit
Water bubbler in the garden which didn't really work properly

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