19 February 2022

Wahlburgers: Burgers, Opera Quays, Sydney (17 Feb 2022)

Opera Quays, 18a/7 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000 
The Wahlburger wait has begun 

How many Wahlbergs does it take to make a burger, 3. Actors Mark & Donnie, and Chef Paul expand their burger empire into Sydney this week. Sports bar vibes with most of the menu under $20 and 17 sauces to choose from including a vegemite aioli has the potential to draw in the tourists and office workers with the bonus feature of harbour views. 

I place my takeaway order at the bar as instructed. 'The Our Burger' - Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles. American cheese, Paul’s signature Wahl sauce ($17.50) and French fries ($6). The 26 minute timing hard to stomach but hopefully they'll improve over time. So as far as Sydney burgers go I'd say it hits at a respectable average and that's because Sydney's burger game and competition has improved dramatically over recent years. Melty cheese, tasty Wahl sauce and the nice formed crust on what seems like a medium to well cooked patty works in it's favour. I found the soft bun a touch dry and slightly oversized working against it. I welcomed the contrasting sharpness of the thin sliced raw onion. While the awkwardly named 'The Our Burger' has the usual elements of a normal classic I somehow wished I'd ordered the 'Make it your Aussie burger' for only $1.50 extra which includes beetroot, pineapple and egg. Next time. 

Seasoning on the fries enjoyable and appreciate the skin-on taste but looks short-changed in the under-filled small container for the price and aren’t as hot and crispy as hoped. Service was friendly but seemed stretched in finding their feet in the opening week but I'm sure they'll be smooth sailing in due course. They're open for breakfast from 7 am with some American and Aussie breakfast classics plus a handheld 'Our Breakfast Burger' which sounds good on the menu. I'm also tempted by the BBQ Bacon Burger with beef patty, tasty cheese, bacon, fresh jalapenos, BBQ sauce & avo spread although I'm not quite sure about the avo spread.

03 February 2022

Home cooking: Hand cut chips at home using Cold Oil Cooking Method (1 Feb 2022)

Crispy hand cut chips at home

Using the Cold Oil Cooking Method (which we first discovered in 2010), olive oil and Spudlite potatoes these have so far been the most successful crispy hot chips the Mrs has cooked at home. So yummy. It's amazing of the result considering all you have to do is place your homemade hand cut potato chips in cold cooking oil, turn on the heat to high and watch them cook until golden brown. Take them out when they look good and drain on potato towel and season. Not quite sure how it works but it does.

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