03 December 2012

Simple & tasty recipe: Mexican 'One Dip Wonder' Vegetarian Salsa (2 Dec 2012)

A dip that's sure to please

I was inspired to make this dish when I tried it at a friend's birthday/housewarming party which was hugely popular. The flavours work really well together, it's very easy to make and quite cheap. I think it works best served in a very shallow dish or use a pizza container which I used making it easy to store in a fridge and transport to another venue. The key to successful is making sure all the ingredients are evenly distributed across the area of the dish so when you dip a corn chip through the mix it will pick up a bit of all the different ingredients. Spreading a thin layer of each ingredients is how this is best achieved. It probably doesn't matter which order you spread the ingredients but I found starting with the thicker ingredients on the bottom seemed to be the best way. Being a vegetarian dish makes it a crowd pleaser for everyone and I'm sure even the meat lovers will appreciate the tasty flavours in this dip.

Recipe (4-6 people)
1st layer: Refried beans (1 can, 435g)
2nd layer: Sour cream (1 pot, 300g)
3rd layer: Salsa dip (1 jar, 300g) – Hot version works well
4th layer: Guacamole (1 pack, 200g) – or make yourself
5th layer: Deseeded and finely chopped tomatoes (4)
6th layer: Sliced Kalamata Olives (1 jar, 200g)
7th layer: Shredded tasty cheese (about 100-200g, couple of handfuls)
8th layer: Thinly sliced spring onions (5 stems)
9th layer: Couple of handfuls of finely chopped coriander

Serve with your favourite corn chips. Round shaped seems to work the best for dipping. The container I used was 27 x 27 x 3 cm which worked perfectly for above quantities.

PROS: Tasty, Quick and easy to make, Can be prepared a few hours in advance and stored in the fridge, Cheap to make, People can serve themselves, Vegetarian friendly
CONS: You'll run out if you don't make enough because it'll be very popular. I've met some people that don't like coriander
MUST TRY: Adding chopped up jalapeño for an extra heat kick
VERDICT: It's very quick and easy to make when made with mostly pre-prepared ingredients. The combination of flavours works really well together and the olives are especially good.


vegeTARAian said...

Great idea Simon, the dip sounds fab and really easy to make

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

This looks absolutely delicious Simon! I went to a BBQ on the weekend - wish I had this recipe then!

Mademoiselle said...

Oh that looks quite nice Chef Simon! makes me want to give this recipe a go, love when it involves multiple layers, reminds me of that Friends' episode with the savoury and sweet trifle (except yours looks far more edible judging by what's left :))

Simon Leong said...

hi tara, hope you get a chance to make it. you won't be disappointed.

hi christine, hopefully you'll be able to make for your next BBQ outing

hi mademoiselle, the Friend's episode sounds hilarious.

Eva said...

mmm yum!

great flavour combination Simon! :)

i wish me and coriander were better friends though :D

Simon Leong said...

hi eva, coriander seems to be one of those taste dividers. you can of course create this dip without the coriander. would work with chives too i think :-)

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