19 December 2012

Sydney PORKROLLS: Vietnamese Banh Mi, Haymarket (9 & 15 Oct 2012)

627 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Next stop banh mi

If you catch the 555 free Sydney CBD shuttle bus around town it can drop you right outside Sydney Porkrolls for a banh mi fix. It's a tiny hole-in-the wall eatery serving up the classics. When I first spotted the shop pork rolls were only $3.50 but when I visited nearly three weeks later they were up to $3.95 so I'm assuming it was some opening special or they decided they were selling them too cheap. The ingredients in my first Pork roll ($3.95) were fresh although it could have done with a bit more filling and I also found a thick piece of spring onion that's never appreciated. The roll was soft inside and crunchy on the outside as hoped which reminded me of Hong Ha. On my second visit I tried the Chicken roll ($4.95). The meat was quite juicy although watch out for the drip factor when eating. The chilli was very hot so be careful how much you decide to have if you can't handle the heat. If you're looking for a place to sit try the bus stop but if too crowded the church steps next door is quite convenient. 

PROS: Pretty cheap, Ingredients quite fresh, Bun had a nice outer crunch, Service was efficient, Right next to the bus stop
CONS: No seating, Waiting in a long queue can get congested being right next to the bus stop, Service could be friendlier but nice enough
MUST TRY: BBQ pork roll next time
VERDICT: For a quick and cheap eat this place seems to hit the mark. Perhaps not the best in Sydney but seems to use all the right ingredients to satisfy a banh mi craving.
Pork roll ($3.95)

A bit light on the filling but nice roll

No one likes a thick piece of spring onion in their banh mi

Chicken roll ($4.95)

Fair amount of chicken and ingredients

Watch out for the chicken juice drip factor

Menu (9 Oct 2012)

You can use the steps of the church next door to sit

Service counter — expect queues to go out the door

Menu (21 Sept 2012) when I first noticed the shop

Conveniently located at a 555 free bus stop

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Unknown said...

I have been wanting to bus it down here for work one day but keep forgetting. Such a hidden gem!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

perfect! that's what i'll have for lunch today :D

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

I love me those chicken rolls! So glad we have a bakery that makes them in Epping.. uhoh I feel a craving coming on lol

MsBrulee said...

If by some chance the owners are reading this, I would like them to know that their pork rolls ain't got nothing on Cabramatta's.

Sir and Mlady said...

It certainly is good value - especially in the CBD. They aren't bad either! Nice pics.

Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

Nothing better than a pork roll! Is always my go to lunch (:

Simon Leong said...

hi shanshan, very easy to get to via bus that's for sure.

hi vivian, looking forward to hearing what you thought. i reckon i'll try the bbq pork version next

hi christine, what's the place in Epping called. sounds good.

hi MsBrulee, it's hard to beat the ones in cabramatta that's for sure.

hi sir and mlady, i noticed a shop at the entrance of Eating World in haymarket which I might try one day. seems to also be quite popular and cheap.

hi sherrie, when you find a good cheap one it's a great thing

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