04 March 2013

Bulletin Place: Small Bar, Circular Quay, Sydney (1 Feb 2013)

Level 1, 10-14 Bulletin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Cocktails for the season

It's always refreshing to find a small bar that's unpretentious, quirky and filled with fun-loving staff serving interesting seasonal cocktails. If this is what you're after then Bulletin Bar might be the place for you. I ordered the Black Betty ($19) with gin, muscat grapes, rosso and lemon which was quite enjoyable and very lethal on the alcohol which I never mind because at least I know they haven't skimped on it. My friend ordered the more reasonably priced It's Juice, But Not As You Know It! ($10) with tequila, apple and mint. She wasn't a fan of it but I didn't mind it although I preferred mine better maybe because I've never been a bit tequila fan. When closing time approaches you get a pre warning with the ugly lights flickering. Midnight seems early these days when you're out and about having a good time but it probably did save me from a nasty hangover so I should be more grateful. Apparently on the menu the food is available from Tapavino downstairs so nice to see independent bars working together to cater for the Sydney party animals.

PROS: Friendly staff, Seasonal cocktails, Quirky and casual decor, Tina Arena poster in the toilet shows a sense of humour
CONS: Hard to find if you don't know where it is first, Closes at midnight, $19 is a premium price for a cocktail
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try more of the cocktails
VERDICT: For a bar that's pretty laid back, casual and intimate this one seems to tick all the boxes for a lazy after work drink or late night top up
Friendly and down-to-earth bar staff
Black Betty with gin, muscat grapes, rosso and lemon ($19)It's Juice, But Not As You Know It! with tequila, apple, mint ($10)
Seasonal and daily cocktail menu
Wine from around $9 a glass
Anyone looking for a $500 bottle of Krug?

Intimate corner position until I came along

Love a cute dog in a bar

Clean and functional toilet with nice hand soap and fragrance sticks

It's not everyday you spot Tina Arena in the mens toilet
Randoms up for a photo — thanks guys!
More randoms enjoying their late night drinkies
Window view of potential muggings perhaps

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JB @ jbjose.com said...

Great photos as usual, Simon. I'll certainly find it now, thanks to you ;)

Looks like the spot of an old all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant (Naniwa Tei?).

Looking forward to checking it out!

milkteaxx said...

theres all these awesome new bars popping up in syd! nice!

thang@noodlies said...

Looks like a fun place.. though I find it hard to review bars, I get drunk way to easily!

Simon Leong said...

hi JB, hope you find it OK if you go. quite possibly it is in the area of that japanese restaurant which i haven't been to before.

hi milkteaxx, so many bars so little time that's for sure. seems to be a new month nearly every week these days.

hi thang, you need to stick to the mocktails then hehe :-)

bob @ jugernauts.com said...

MOCKTAILS? go drunk or go home. ;)

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