01 September 2014

Giocondo: $1.50 coffee promotion for a limited time, CBD Sydney (29 Aug 2014)

1/72 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Caffeine hit for only $1.50

To date the cheapest coffee made by a barista I've come across in the city has been $2 at either Espresso on York or the happy hour at Uno Espresso. Now for those working around the corner of Castlereagh and King Street you'll find $1.50 coffees at Giocondo for a limited time. Back in March I stumbled across Giocondo and tried their coffee which I thought was pretty good and this time around my cheap Cappuccino ($1.50 takeaway only) was still enjoyable. I'm suspecting their motivation for the coffee promotion is not only to tell people that they can make a decent coffee but also to attract new customers to try their restaurant which is hidden inside. I noticed on a flyer displayed at the counter they're currently promoting a $29 3 course special of an entree, main and dessert which sounds like a good introduction to see what their menu is like.

PROS: Decent coffee for only $1.50
CONS: Limited time only promotion, Take away only
MUST TRY: Checking out the normal menu sometime
VERDICT: $1.50 coffee is a great deal
$1.50 for a coffee
Cappuccino ($1.50 takeaway)
Cappuccino ($3.50 dine in) previously tried on 18 March 2014 — smooth and enjoyable flavour, good thick rich crema, friendly service, illy coffee
Breakfast menu to tempt
Coffee machine selfie
Dining downstairs

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Seek What You Eat said...

You can also get a $1 espresso if you stand at the bar at Baker Brothers on York Street - just like in Italy!

Simon Leong said...

hi seek what you eat, great value for those who like espressos although they're a bit too hard core for me :-)

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