23 January 2015

Fratelli Fresh: Parlamento & Cafe Sopra on Macquarie St, Sydney (22 Jan 2014)

229-231 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Ciao Fratelli Fresh

Wow, I can't believe the Nippon Club has gone or International Nippon Australia New Zealand Club to be more exact. I thought that place was going to be around forever. Fratelli Fresh is a pretty good replacement though. I had a quick walk around and it's looking great downstairs with dim lighting, lots of seating, open kitchen you can sit and watch chefs at work and leathery comfy looking seats. Menu seems to be the same as other locations. A great dining addition to the Macquarie St area and one I'm sure will do very well. It definitely has changed a lot. I wasn't allowed to take any photos so I've included a few photos of what the Nippon Club looked like to remember it by.

PROS: Lots of yummy Italian food to be discovered
CONS: So long Nippon Club
MUST TRY: Returning and sitting at the kitchen counter
VERDICT: Many will be sad about the Nippon Club being no longer but I'm sure many will equally welcome Fratelli Fresh

RIP Nippon Club

1 comment:

gaby @ lateraleating said...

I didn't even know Nippon Club existed... good to know there's a FF relatively close to work as I haven't been to any or their shops yet.

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