26 February 2009

Bungalow 8: 'All You Can Eat Mussels', King Street Wharf, Sydney (10 Feb 2009)

3 Lime Street, Sydney NSW 2000

All You Can Eat Mussels and Chunky Fries for $22.50 on Tuesdays cries out 'Challenge' for me. How many mussels can you eat? I came close to devouring 3 Belgian kilo pots and thankfully there's 5 different flavours to pick from including Laksa (Lemongrass and Ginger in a Spiced Coconut Sauce) and Tom Yum (Galangal, Lime and Chilli in a Fragrant Thai Broth). With a few mussel loving friends I was lucky to try them all.

Mussels: White Wine with Chives and Onions in a Cream Sauce

Mussels: Provencale with Bacon, Tomato, Shallots and Garlic in a Napoli Sauce

Mussels: Thai Green Curry with Coriander, Bean Sprouts and Bamboo Shoots in Coconut Cream

The feasting table

Bungalow 8 dining area

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Linda said...

This sounds like a challenge that I'd be up for

chocolatesuze said...

hehe i that shot of the feasting table are you all musseled out now?

Anonymous said...

Hee hee niicee! So how many did you pack away :D?

Simon said...

Cool. If the mussels are any good, this place will likely lose money on me. Looks like something worth checking out.

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