15 May 2012

Nguyen on Erskine: Vietnamese, CBD Sydney (15 May 2012)

52A Erskine Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Pho-gettable broth had potential

Across the road from Laksa King and Central Baking Depot I stumbled across this Vietnamese eatery which apparently has been there for a while now. At first the name made me think it might have been related to the celebrity chef Luke Nguyen but I don't think it is. The Finely sliced tender sirloin beef pho noodle soup ($9) came with thinly sliced beef which was still rare as hoped. Unfortunately the broth was quite light on taste but at least it wasn't too oily like the nearby Naughty Chef can sometimes be. The size was pretty decent but they seemed to be a bit stingy on the Vietnamese mint and you needed to ask for a proper soup spoon. My King prawns vermicelli salad ($10) had six decent sized prawns which probably could have done with more flavour. The ingredients was pretty fresh but there needed to be more of it and the dressing was very light on taste and lacking the punch of garlic and fish sauce. Perhaps they're catering more to the Western palate of business workers that don't want to go back to their next meeting with bad garlic breath — hit me with the flavour I say.

PROS: Seating available albeit pretty cosy, Classic comfort dishes on the menu, Prices seem reasonable
CONS: Pho and vermicelli dressing could do with some extra flavour, Doesn't seem to have a toilet available?
MUST TRY: Returning to maybe try other menu items 
Finely sliced tender sirloin beef pho noodle soup ($9)

King prawns vermicelli salad ($10)

King prawns vermicelli salad after mixing


Clean and simple seating although can get a little cosy

Service counter can get a little congested when busy

Some proper soup spoons would be good

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Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I'm pretty impressed with the presentation! Seems like they aren't trying to go too westernised with plating vietnamese food! :)

joey@FoodiePop said...

A shame it was pho-gettable; I'd rather have garlic breath any day! LOL

gaby @ lateraleating said...

Nothing worse than no toilet available in a restaurant serving Pho.

Simon Leong said...

hi tina, with more flavour i'd be more inclined to return. maybe the other dishes might be better?

hi joey, can't beat a good garlic breath experience :-)

hi gaby, hehe. i didn't ask but next time i will just to be sure. maybe it's through the kitchen?

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