21 May 2012

Bibim, to mix.: Korean, Darlinghurst (17 May 2012)

169 William Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

More buck for your bibim-bap

'Bibim-bap literally means mixed rice and is our signature dish. It combines warm rice with namul, seasme oil and mild chilli paste. Namul is a term used to describe a variety of seasoned vegetables, both fresh and dried'

Thanks to OliveQueen for the tweet recommendation in my response to my lunch search. I'm now tempted to search for Sydney's best and hopefully cheapest Korean bibim-bap after also recently trying Noodle Mee. My Lunch Special B of Bibim-bap with side soup, 3 side dishes & chilled barley tea ($12) looked like a decent feast plus I added a Fried free range egg ($1) which was nicely cooked and still goey to mix in well for flavour. Ingredients were pretty fresh and the dish nicely presented. I was tempted to add the dolsot (hot stone bowl) upgrade ($3) but a simple lunch can easily add up in price with all the optional extras at this place. I was hoping for some kimchi as one of the side dishes but this ended up needing to be bought separately for $2. It had enough chilli kick for my liking although I also liked the pickled daikon in the side dishes. The chilli paste provided for pouring over the bibim-bap was quite mild so you can be pretty liberal with it. I enjoyed the flavours and ingredients better than Noodle Mee's version although I might have enjoyed a bit more robust seasoning in the beef perhaps. I believe Noodle Mee doesn't charge any extra to have it in the hot stone bowl and it includes an egg and kimchi for less than $8 compared to $16 if you have it here when you add the optional extras. Service was polite and friendly and the tables were clean and comfortable. Some interesting decor adorned the wall providing a homely and welcoming atmosphere.

PROS: Friendly and down-to-earth service, Fair amount of seating, Ingredients seemed fresh, Clean toilet facilities available
CONS: Prices can add up if you're keen for extras, A bit of a walk from the CBD
MUST TRY: Returning to try their savoury pancake and bulgogi ssam-bap
Lunch special B: Bibim-bap with side soup, 3 side dishes & chilled barley tea ($12) + Fried free range egg ($1)

Side dishes

Bibim-bap mixed up

Kimchi ($2)

Lunch special A: Bibim-bap with side soup & chilled barley tea ($10) + dolsot (hot stone bowl) upgrade ($3)


Adding chilli sauce

Mixing up Bibim-bap

Mixed Bibim-bap

Unusual flatish chopsticks — not the easiest to hold when you're used to round ones

Menu lunch specials

Friendly owners and service

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Food is our religion said...

Love bibim-bap! I always feel so warm and fuzzy each time I eat it in the middle of winter, not exactly sure why!

TravelJunkie said...

their food looks so appetizing! and the place seems cozy, i love how they set it up,very creative. thanks for sharing. :)

Simon Leong said...

hi food is our religion, it's definitely a comfort food dish so that's probably why you fell all warm and fuzzy :-)

hi traveljunkie, glad you enjoyed the post :-)

Anonymous said...

I tried a bibim bap for the first time last week at Haemil Korean in Circular Quay. It was a bit expensive at $19 but it was in a hot stone with an egg on top and side dishes including Kim chi and miso and it was lovely and warming.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the tip. $19 does sound expensive but if it's good then perhaps worth trying.

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