21 March 2013

Salt Meats Cheese: Food warehouse, Alexandria (18 Mar 2013)

41 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

Around the world in Alexandria

If you persevere with circling the industrial block of Alexandria looking for a miracle car spot and find one you'll be rewarded at Salt Meats Cheese with an extensive sized warehouse of local and international products to tempt you and your wallet. Thankfully prices seem reasonable for the quality and variety and for me it felt like stumbling across a food heaven I didn't want to leave behind. I picked up some Truffle Pecorino ($11) from the cool room which later went very nicely grated over some pasta with pesto sauce for dinner. Tomo ($12) was a strong smelling and flavoured soft cheese that was worth trying with sliced baguette. In The Lab I noticed Bell peppers stuffed with baby bocconcini ($7) were the order of the day. Still with a slight crunch made them enjoyable tasty bites suitable for a homemade antipasto. A tub of Pitted queen green olives marinated ($5) hit the spot. Just the right amount of herb flavour and salt from the plump olives after you've drained the oil their marinating in. I look forward to my next visit and picking up some of those prawn dumplings I noticed in the freezer section and perhaps a bag of Quacachips. I've also got my eye on the Hands Lane Jam, Maya Sunny Honey, Flavoured Salts and Cured Meats if my wallet can stretch that far.

PROS: Lots of gourmet products, Prices seem reasonable at first glance, Nice wide aisles and well organised shelves with clearly marked prices, Friendly staff
CONS: Parking in the area can be a nightmare, Hard to visit without buying something, Doesn't seem to stock fresh fruit and vegetables
MUST TRY: Truffle Pecorino grated over your favourite pasta
VERDICT: So many tempting food products makes it a great one stop shop sort most of your speciality gourmet needs
Truffle pecorino ($11, 220g) — strong flavour best grated over perhaps pasta
Toma ($12, 200g) — strong flavour and aroma for those who like lots of flavour
Bell peppers stuffed with baby bocconcini ($7, 300g) — bell peppers have a nice crunch to them and a slight chilli warmth
Pitted queen green olives marinated ($5, 300g) — nice plump size and lots of flavour

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Richard Elliot said...

Is this place round the back of where we had the bloggers lunch 18month / 2 years ago?

I remember the burger, but not the the name of the restaurant!

Tor Hershman said...

GREAT looking foods.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Love this place - must get there one day when that salumi bar is open...

Anonymous said...

Great find, thanks Simon!

thang@noodlies said...

Woah, looks like you could spend a day here.

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, you are correct. it's next door to 4143 at the James Barnes. i remember their burger was good.

hi tor, certainly is

hi tina, i've got to try their salumi bar too followed by cheese bar

hi lateraleating, i keep seeing these guys at festivals so thought i'd finally check them out and their setup was a lot more expressive than I thought it might be. a lot more range of goods.

hi thang, you could easily spend a day going through all their products. don't forget your wallet unless you want to save money. it's like window shopping.

Nic@diningwithastud said...

I definitely need to go here when I am back. I thought it might be too much meat but it looks MASSIVE :) I could spend days there!

Simon Leong said...

hi nic, you certainly don't want to forget your wallet when visiting. so many temptations to buy

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