08 January 2010

Simon's Food Highlights 2009

Dear Readers
Wishing you all a very delicious and satisfying Foodie New Year. Here are 10 of my food favourites from 2009 in no particular order that you might like to try in 2010 — hopefully this will keep you busy eating your way around for a while. Each heading links to my full review.
Best wishes and happy eating!
Simon :-)
Redfern (31 Oct 2009)
Potato hash stack with double smoked ham, avocado, fresh tomato, asparagus and lemon dressed rocket topped with a poached egg $14

Newtown (10 May 2009)
Green papaya salad with prawn, pork and mint; sesame rice crackers and crushed peanuts $11

Sydney CBD (22 Jan 2009)
Scallop and prawn siu mai

Pho 236
Newtown (31 July 2009)
Salt and Spices Squid $14

Kingston, Canberra (3 Oct 2009)
King Island fillet steak with black pepper sauce in claypot $30.80

Surry Hills (9 Oct 2009)
Soufflé au Fromage: Twice baked gruyere and goat's cheese soufflé $20

Darlinghurst (15 Oct 2009)
Duck and Prawn Pancakes: Filled with roast duck, prawns and fresh Vietnamese herb $14 (2 pieces)

Enmore (30 Oct 2009)

Large mixed dip $19

Surry Hills (23 Oct 2009)
Prawns and fish dumplings $8.50 (take away)

Sydney CBD (20 Oct 2009)
Fruit Tart $6


Anonymous said...

food porn overdosed!! All these delicious pictures made me drool!

Jen (jenius.com.au) said...

I've just had dinner yet still find myself drooling over your food porn! What a year 2009 has been! Om nom nom...

Trissa said...

I've only tried palace among all your favourites - and I agree I love the yum cha there! I must try the rest of the restaurants on your list!

Simon Leong said...

hi ellie, food porn indeed hehe.

hi jen, hoping this year will even be bigger and better :-)

hi trissa, glad you like Palace too for yum cha. i also like their Salt and Pepper Squid.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Today I went to Baffi & Mo already.. the potato hash was such a star like you said and they do the nice coffee aswell :D

Simon Leong said...

hi Bean Sprout's Cafe, so glad you enjoyed Baffi & Mo potato hash and they do make a good coffee too i noticed :-)

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the fruit tart from Bacco, it's perfect! I'm keen to try Mohr Fish and Baffi & Mo now.

Simon Leong said...

hi sarah, glad to hear you've managed to try the fruit tart at Bacco and enjoyed it. hope you get to try Mohr dumplings and Baffi & Mo hash browns. I look forward to hearing about your experience :-)

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I didn't even see this post until now; love your choices! What a great 2009!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, glad to hear you like my choices. let me know if you get to try them.

Andy said...

lol. I've heard about the food porn! :D. i totally agree with ellie. it did make me droll! >.<

Simon Leong said...

hi andy, hope you get to try some of these tasty dishes too :-)

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