08 April 2013

McDonald's: The New York Classic burger, Randwick (7 April 2013)

Shop 20, Royal Randwick Shopping Centre
73 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

Not the New York I remember

“Juicy beef smothered in a bold Mustard Mayo with cheese, lettuce, pickles and onions inside a big bun topped with sesame seeds, chilli flakes and chives. Taste the 'Big Apple' in a bun.”

Occasionally I'll get a Mac Attack on a lazy weekend when I can't be bothered to make any other choices for lunch — guilty as charged. This time around The Tastes of America range limited edition was on offer so I picked The New York Classic ($4.95). I've been to NYC but can't really understand why this burger would be called a New York Classic. I'd probably consider the ShackBurger at Shake Shack to be my idea of a New York style burger. The meat is cooked medium and the soft bun melts in your mouth albeit oily. This can't really be achieved with such a comparatively thin meat patty and I doubt McDonald's would ever cook it like this anyway as customers would think it's not cooked properly. The New York Classic was more of a Quarter Pounder sized Big Mac but with a different sauce and bun. I thought the bun was a bit dry and tasteless and the meat patty not particularly juicy but the mustard mayo sauce became the hero of the burger to give back some moisture and flavour. I think if they made a Cheeseburger sized burger with a Quarter Pounder thick meat pattie and added some lettuce and mustard mayo then this would be more of a New York burger for me.

PROS: Available everywhere but only for a limited time, Sauce helped add moisture and flavour to the burger
CONS: Never looks like the promotional posters, Perhaps not the healthiest thing to eat for lunch
MUST TRY: Might try the Smoky Texan Burger or California Chicken next time if still available
VERDICT: Wasn't quite what I was thinking a New York Classic burger would be like but I'm always curious to try the latest themed burgers from McDonald's
The New York Classic ($4.95)

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milkteaxx said...

ive never been attracted by maccas themed burgers because it is always so different from what you expect it to be!

Simon Leong said...

hi milkteaxx, i think you might be on to something there. :-)

Eva said...

I love your Maccas reviews, very accurate. :)

I think the poor appearance of the burgers are a worldwide problem, even Japan's look imperfect! (Check this out: http://japan-australia.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/teritama-burger.html)

Simon Leong said...

hi eva, a worldwide problem indeed — first world problem hehe. love the link. someone should do a blog on just takeaway food and the reality of what you get :-)

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