18 May 2013

120 yum cha dishes in 120 minutes at The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant, Haymarket, Sydney (14 May 2013)

Level 3, Market City, 9 Hay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Gone in 120 minutes

“The Eight, part of the award-winning Zilver Restaurant group, is owned by Henry Tang and symbolises 'Prosperity and Good Luck'. This may stem from Henry's positive outlook on life and the business, having prided the success of the restaurant on its motto, 'always strive for excellence and treat people the way you wish to be treated'.”

Its been a month shy of two years since I first visited the The Eight with my family for a weekend yum cha. We shared 13 different dishes and I remember them being pretty good and service more friendly than expected. This time around it's an invitation by Holly Ryland-Jones from Polkadot PR to try 120 of their dishes in 120 minutes. I'm actually not too sure if 120 dishes were actually served but I was quite foolish to think I could actually try 120 yum cha dishes in one sitting. In my efforts I totalled 16 without keeling over in a yum cha coma. The Eight Scallop Seafood Dim Sim was my favourite savoury dish which I also had on my first visit. Lots of prawn meat with a bit of pork for extra flavour topped with a plump scallop and lots of roe — keep them coming please. The Deep Fried Black Ball took me by surprise and was much more enjoyable than I'd expected. Filled with plenty of black sesame it was nice dessert I'd keep in mind for next time. The Sweet Olive with Red Bean Jelly was something new for me and strangely worked quite well together. I'll probably skip the Steam Green Tea Fondant though. As careful as I was when eating the filling was simply too runny to be eaten without getting messy for me. Standing guests were in a feeding frenzy at the long tables filled with dishes although my preference would have been sitting at a round table for a more relaxing dining experience. Chinese tea is also a major ingredient of a yum cha experience but I can't remember seeing any to wash down all the dumplings.

PROS: Extensive variety of dishes available, Plenty of seating with areas for private functions available, Staff seem more friendly and helpful than average
CONS: No matter how big a place is you always seem to have to wait for a table during busy weekends, Beware of the filling in the Steam Green Tea Fondant
MUST TRY: The Eight Scallop Seafood Dim Dim, Deep Fried Black Ball, Spring Rolls are always a must order for me
VERDICT: I never knew The Eight had so many dishes available for yum cha and I'm already craving a return with the family when we get the chance
120 yum cha dishes on display as reference to what's available on the menu

Fresh off the trolley
So many choices
A bit of saucy action
Anyone for noodles
The Eight Scallop Seafood Dim Sim, Prawn Dumpling, Steamed Pork Dim Sim — scallop seafood dim sim was my favourite with lots of prawn meat
Spring Roll, Deep Fried Shrimp on Toast, Taro Pie
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun — nice flavour
Anyone for Peking Duck Pancakes? Yes please!
Let's make duck pancakes
Peking Duck Pancake — these were popular
Mango with Cream & Sticky Roll — something new for me and quite nice
Mango Pancake — were good
Deep Fried Black Ball
For lovers of black sesame — be sure to check your teeth after
Sweet Olive with Red Bean Jelly — interesting but quite nice
Steam Green Tea Fondant
A bit of a disaster when eating — be careful of this one
Egg Tart — nice
Coconut Jelly — nice flavour and texture
Dumpling making demonstration
Popular dumpling making demonstration
The Eight team
Say cheese
The lovely Polkadot PR team
TonyChanel and Me
Social media mobile meetup
Official photographer hard at work
Goodie box
Thanks for the vouchers — hope to use them one day
I hope my fortune cookie comes true: 'You are destined to increase your followers upon posting your next blog post.'
Restaurant dining area
The Eight

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Cindy said...

Nice post. Great pics as usual. I like your fortune cookie prediction :-) I haven't been there for a while. Seeing your pics makes me want to check it out.

Tony Hollingsworth said...

It was an outstanding event you've captured it so well. Can't wait to take the family too - owners Henry and Chillie were just charming hosts.

That steamed green tea fondant was WOW!

Thanks for inviting me.


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

That's ridiculous! LOL

Looks mighty fine though.

Unknown said...

aww shame i missed out on this one. My cravings for yum cha have gotten 10 times worse after looking at all these photos. The new mango roll also looks interesting, never seen that before.

Milktea Eats said...

awww craving for yum cha so badly now! i didnt know the 8 had such a spread!

Sierng said...

Looks like a really great event. And wow, what a great selection they have :)

I've eaten there maybe twice. It's not bad :)

Mr C @ The Food Diary said...

WOW So much yum cha! If I was presented with that I would probably try eating everything and fail miserably (but in happiness) :)

Simon Leong said...

hi cindy, fortune cookie prediction is very cheeky.

hi tony, thanks mate. hope you get to check it out with your family soon for a yum cha feast.

hi joey, i never know what most of the dishes are called so was good to see it all labelled. i reckon they should do it all the time for customers :-)

hi shanshan, i actually had that mango and coconut roll dessert on my first visit with the family so they must have had this one on the menu for a while now.

hi milkteaxx, i'm always craving yum cha. i think it's the dim sims and spring rolls that i love so much. i never knew they had so many dishes as well. they need an ipad menu to display them all

hi sierng, second time for me. i also like their Zilver restaurant. i'm assuming similar menu.

hi Mr C, in happiness for sure. one can only try.

Priscilla @ foodpornnation.com said...

That is insane!
That's like 1 dish a min. I reckon could do 10 min max!

Annie said...

i've only been to Zilver but not The Eight. my folks have but they thought it was average. still haven't been there by now. having yum cha cravings lately zomg! thanks for posting this up Simon!

Simon Leong said...

hi priscilla, i reckon if i just had a bit of each i could possibly do it although i'd surely end up in a yum cha coma

hi annie, i usually find the usual yum cha dishes pretty much the same in most yum cha places i've been to so if the service is better this tends to get a tick for me to set it apart from the others

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