03 June 2013

The City of Canterbury and Campsie RSL present the Campsie Food Festival 2013 (1 June 2013)

Anzac Mall, Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194

Celebrating cultural diversity

“The Campsie Food Festival brings people from all different backgrounds to celebrate not only the harmony between cultures but also celebrate our love for good food”

Campsie Food Festival certainly lived up to its name and was a great event to see so many different cuisines available at the stalls. Arriving at around 10.30 am was a good time to have a chance walk around before the crowds got really busy. It's the first time I've been to this festival and definitely will keep in mind for next year. There's plenty of activities for the kids in the park and free cooking demonstrations throughout the day. I tried the Chips on a Stick ($5) for the first time and loved it with the special mix which basically is a bit of everything. Lots of flavour on a deep fried potato can't be too good for me but I can see why it's so popular. I was tempted by the chocolate coated bananas and freshly cooked churros but resisted to save room for lunch with the family at the nearby Albee's Kitchen Malaysian restaurant.

PROS: Free entertainment and cooking demonstrations, Lots of different cuisines to try, Kid friendly, Fun atmosphere
CONS: Weather dependant, Can get very crowded due to popularity so arrive early, Parking can be a challenge
MUST TRY: Chip on a Stick
VERDICT: A fun and interesting day out for the whole family with lots of food cuisines to tempt you
Chips on a Stick ($5) with Special Mix
The Waffle Shop chocolate coated bananas — maybe next time
Lemon Bar: Lemon Mint ($5) — refreshing

All friendly smiles at the CASS stall (I assume CASS stands for the Chinese Australian Services Society)
Something interesting cooking away at CASS stall
Colotako cooking up hundreds of Japanese Seafood Dumplings

Russian Blynis
The Dosa Hub
Yan's Asian Caterer
The Churro Girl — I gotta try this next time

Free-Range Food Gardens
Such fresh looking lettuce
BBQ Pork
Siu mai stick
Lots of paella

Voodoo Rocky Road temptations

Plenty of kim chi from Paldo

Mediterranean Cuisine Gourmet Gozleme
Money back guarantee gozleme — they must be pretty confident
Nougat Limar
Chef Jay Lee ready for cooking with Taste Benevolent Mobile Kitchen

Free balloons are always popular with the kids
Very cool fruit and vegetable carvings

Every duck wins a prize

Free rides means long queues
Fake flowers in the shops
Cute toys for the kids
Very asian shoes :-)
Well dressed man getting his shot
Very passionate Canterbury Bulldogs supporter

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Simon. What a great write-up and wonderful photos!

We'd love it if you make it to our Haldon Street Festival on Saturday 24 August 2013!

Thanks again!

YaYa said...

What a fantastic festival celebrating such diversity!

Simon Leong said...

hi canterbury city council, well done on a great event. thanks for the top about haldon street festival. will pop in the diary in case i'm free.

hi yaya, i'll definitely try and visit next year again.

irene said...

Great write-up, Simon!
Saw you there but you were too far away and the crowd was too intense so I didn't get to say hi :)

Simon Leong said...

hi irene, those crowds were getting pretty crazy towards the middle of the day. that's a shame we missed a catchup. hopefully next time or take a sneaky photo of me first if you spot me :-)

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