12 June 2013

Centennial Parklands Café, Centennial Park (6 Oct 2012)

Cnr Parkes Drive and Grand Drive, Centennial Park NSW 2021

Kid friendly cafe in the park

Thanks to Amy Glancey from Trippas White Group for inviting me to sample the menu at Centennial Parklands Café. On a sunny weekend this cafe gets packed to the rafters with kids. This is great for families not wanting to worry about their hyper-active kids shouting and screaming but perhaps not so great for those looking for a quiet and relaxing bite to eat. The noise didn't bother me having my baby on board which helped to hide her cries of frustration of not being understood. Wagyu beef burger ($22) served on a brioche bun was moist and juicy as hoped although watch out for the beetroot dribbles. It was a decent size with plenty of tasty chips which made for a filling meal. Beer-battered hawkesbury river flathead ($27) came with a fennel slaw and was also generous in size. The batter was fairly thin and crispy. It's a premium price to pay for fish and chips although it could have been shared between two not so hungry people and the quality of the fish was good and cooked well. I think if you come on a rainy day you'll find it not so popular with the families with kids as they won't be using the playground nearby.

PROS: Pleasant view of the park, Kid friendly, Lots of free parking, Baby change table available, Kids playground nearby, Food tried was nice, Service was down-to-earth and accommodating, You don't have to clean up after your kids make a mess
CONS: Kids everywhere on a good day, Can get noisy, Prices are a bit more than your average cafe
MUST TRY: Returning to try other menu items
VERDICT: If you're looking for a kid friendly cafe in a park then this is the place for you although expect to pay a bit more than your average cafe

Wagyu beef burger, brioche, tomato, beetroot relish, pickled gherkin, chips ($22) — tender, juicy, decent size, good chips, watch out for beetroot juice though 
Enjoyable chips
Watch out for beetroot juice drippage

Beer-battered hawkesbury river flathead, tartar sauce, chips, fennel slaw ($27) — decent portion, good chips, crisp thinnish batter 

Phoenix Organic Ginger Beer ($4.80), Charlie's Honest squeezed orange juice ($4.80) 

I prefer table supports that are flat without legs
Baby friendly change table in toilet

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Anonymous said...

Great looking burger and chips! The beetroot juice looks like blood... haha.

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, definitely was a good sized burger at the time

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