03 August 2013

Bar Contessa: Café with a very cute babyccino, Balmain (28 July 2013)

371b Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Babyccino love in Balmain

There was only one thing on my mind when making the trip to Bar Contessa for brunch with the family and that was getting a cute Babyccino ($2) for my daughter. Not only does she win with a smiley marshmallow face but we get a smile as well from the sight of it. So far the cutest one I've found in Sydney. Thankfully it was mostly froth although it did have some milk underneath so you need to watch your little one in case of spillage. Cappuccino ($3.50) was good and my Hot Chocolate ($4) had good flavour. The French Toast Brioche with banana, strawberry and real maple syrup ($16.50) was a decent portion with a very nice brioche and plenty of fresh fruit. There is a version with bacon and banana but I thought I'd be a little healthier that day. This place is certainly popular with the locals and was pretty packed for Sunday brunch. It can get a bit tight on space and noisy but I guess that just adds to the buzz and atmosphere of the place with a community feel. Service and kitchen were under the pump but seemed to handle with ease — perhaps from many years of experience this place has been around. Quite a few other tempting menu items which tempts me to want to come back.

PROS: Efficient service, Buzzing and cozy atmosphere, Reasonably priced and interesting menu, Baby chair available fitted to chairs
CONS: Unfortunately no space in toilet for baby change facilities
MUST TRY: Babyccino for the kids, French Brioche Toast, Visiting to try more of the menu
VERDICT: Certainly a very popular place for locals that makes one of the cutest babyccinos I've seen around Sydney
Babyccino ($2) — full marks for cuteness, mostly froth but there was some milk at the bottom you have to watch out for in terms of spillage

Cappuccino ($3.50) — enjoyable flavour

Hot Chocolate ($4) — good flavour 

French Toast Brioche with banana, strawberry and real maple syrup ($16.50) — decent portion, nice brioche, plenty of fresh fruit

Breakfast all day menu looks like it should be in National Treasure movie

Owner Marco Adoncello and service team 

Sandwiches with Luxe bread

Cakes from Luxe

Very popular for Sunday brunch

Very cool wall art

Oh no, there's goes Simon checking out the toilet with his camera again

One very small toilet accessed through kitchen but kept pretty clean

Bill $28 for 3 with baby on board

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MAB vs Food said...

That babyccino reminds me of kero keroppi!

Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

That babyccino put a smile to my face too! Much too cute :P

Anonymous said...

Very cute indeed! I hope you meant it had lots of froth and no broth!

bob @ jugernauts said...

hahaha. bathroom #selfie. Loved it. I don't come to balmain enough. The burger seemed great as posted on FB. I want it.

Milktea Eats said...

im a sucker for french toast and that one looks amazing! that babycinno is too cute!

Priscilla @ foodpornnation.com said...

LOL bathroom selfie!!

That babycino is super cute. Reminds of kero kero keroppi or a funny looking cookie monster!

Unknown said...

that coffee is too cute! i wouldn't even drink it because it would just ruin it! ps love the selfie hehehe

Simon Leong said...

hi mab vs food, i have no idea who kero keroppi is so had to google and you're right :-)

hi sherrie, cute food factor for sure

hi lateraleating, thanks for the correction. i did mean froth not broth hehe :-)

hi bob, i can't help myself with selfies in the toilet mirror, my bad. definitely wanting to try their cheeseburger next time. sounds like their signature dish.

hi amy, hope you get to try their french brioche toast one day.

hi priscilla, perhaps it's a combination of both those characters.

hi shanshan, i'm not sure if my daughter appreciates the cuteness yet but maybe in a year or two she will.

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