10 January 2012

Kürtősh: European Bakery, Randwick (27, 30 Dec 2011)

20B-20C St Pauls Street, Randwick NSW 2031
Phone: (02) 9399 8412

Smokeless chimney cake

The Spot in Randwick seems to have added a few new additions since I've walked by in the last few months. Kurtosh or Kürtősh as per the shop signage has a tempting array of cakes on offer which are mostly sold by weight. This can be a good thing if want to decide how decadent a piece of cake you'd like although it's also a bit of a guessing game on how much it's going to cost you. If you want to try and narrow down the choices then first try the generous samples they provide on top of the display counter — after which you might actually be too full to try anything else. One day I bought an interesting looking Pistachio Kurtosh ($8.50) aka Chimney Cake to take home. I thought it would go very nicely with some vanilla ice cream but it sort of made the sweet bread go a bit hard so it ended up being much harder to eat than hoped. Probably a cake best eaten freshly on site to really best appreciate it. It's interesting to see it being made and there's a few different toppings available although business policy is you can't take photos which is a shame but hopefully they'll change their mind one day.

On my second visit a few days after I decided to sit in to try the coffee and some of the cakes. The Mocha ($4) was well-balanced and the Flat white ($3.50) pretty good. I tried four types of savoury Bureka ($49 per kg) — 3 Cheeses, Cheese & Spinach, Potato and Pizza. The bite sized morsels had a light and flaky pastry as hoped and ended up costing $8.33 in total. The Espresso Almond Teacake ($2.96, $40 per kg) had some nice flavour although I found it a bit on the dry side for my liking and much preferred the creamier Tiramisu ($4.86, $45 per kg) although I think the alcohol content was more restrained than I'm used to. There's plenty of other choices in the counter display which I would have loved to show but photography wasn't allowed so you'll have to venture in to check it out for yourself.

PROS: Plenty of interesting cake choices, Samples to try on the counter, The only place I've come across that sells Kurtosh, Open til late, Fair amount of seating although metal chairs can get a little uncomfortable after a while
CONS: Can end up being expensive depending on how large a slice of cake you're keen on, Limited parking in the area, Metal seating can get a little uncomfortable after a while
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try other cakes

27 Dec 2011 visit
Pistachio Kurtosh ($8.50)

Hole through the middle

Around 21 cm long

Unravels like a spiral

Was hoping it would go with vanilla ice cream but wasn't the easiest thing to eat

30 Dec 2011 visit
Mocha ($4), Flat white ($3.50)

3 Cheese Bureka, Potato Bureka ($49 per kg)

Pizza Bureka, Cheese & Spinach Bureka ($49 per kg)

Tiramisu ($4.86, $45 per kg)

Espresso Almond Teacake ($2.96, $40 per kg)

Rustic seating

Interesting table water bottles

Opening hours

Service counter and cake display

Indoor seating


BGDino said...

Am now very tempted to visit and try those bureka... they look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the chimmey cake, how cute! and how dangerous is it to be able to buy cakes by the kilo!!

penny aka jeroxie said...

Oh how cute is the chimney cake. I will just eat it on its own and then followed by ice cream

Márti said...

Kürtös is tradicional Transilvanian scone. You can make yourself at home, like me!There's the recipe from my blog:

Simon Leong said...

hi BGDino, leave some room for the cakes. hope to hear which ones you try.

hi minibites, i was thinking a good place to buy a cake for a birthday or generally entertaining at a friends place as you can buy a piece that would suit how many people you're catering for.

hi penny, i think that's a good plan.

hi Márti, thanks for the recipe link. they look fantastic. i reckon if those sugar ones were filled with freshly whipped cream would be very yummy.

Bakery online shop said...

Awesome blog We love Sweet Cakes! Wish it wasn't so far!!

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