22 January 2014

Wok on Inn: Asian, The Rocks, Sydney (21 Jan 2014)

26 Playfair Street, The Rocks Square, The Rocks NSW 2000

“Wok on Inn was created to bring the best of Asian culture – food and smiles to you. Our vibrant restaurants take you on a flavour safari. What we do is authentic. Whether it’s serving you bold, homemade recipes from the hawker stands of Bangkok and Shanghai or creating an edgy, urban street atmosphere within our restaurants.”

I vaguely remember when I first visited Wok on Inn in Balmain years ago and at a later time the Oxford Street store in Darlinghurst. My recollection of what I ate is also vague but it's never become a place I wanted to return to so I'm suspecting it's because the menu or dishes at the time weren't that memorable. Today I try the Pad Thai Prawn & Chicken ($13.95) for a quick lunch and found the dish surprisingly enjoyable compared to other Pad Thais I've eaten over the years. The chicken was tender and the three large prawns for the $1 extra was worth getting. Noodles were nice, the sauce was quite tasty and the lemon helped to cut through a bit of the sweetness. There's was just enough bean sprouts to offer a nice crunch to the dish. If I was to be picky there was just a couple of larger pieces of shallot shalks that were a bit large for the dish. As per most Asian dishes it comes down to the chef which will determine how good to the dish is so time will tell if I'd get the same enjoyable dish from one of the other stores but for now I'd be willing to return to try something else on the menu like the Pad C U.

PROS: Friendly and efficient service, Fairly reasonably priced menu for dishes cooked to order, Lots of seating
CONS: Watch out for the seagulls and pigeons looking for a free feed around the outdoor seating area
MUST TRY: Pad Thai plus returning to try other dishes
VERDICT: Enjoyed the Pad Thai and would be tempted to try something else on the menu for a quick and simple lunch
Pad Thai Chicken & Prawn ($13.95) — tasty and enjoyable
Found a couple of shallot stalks that were just a bit too big for the dish

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Amy zhong said...

i could do with a pad thai now!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Those shallots are just 'generously portioned'. lol

Simon Leong said...

'generously portioned' indeed. that's a great term for it :-)

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

I really enjoyed the pad thai there too. Its always a good sign if a restaurant has done a good job on the pad thai I think hehe :D

Simon Leong said...

hi christine, i always test the pad thai for any thai restaurant too :-)

Simon Leong said...

hi christine, i always test the pad thai for any thai restaurant too :-)

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