13 January 2014

Simon's 43rd Hawaiian Birthday Party at The Coach & Horses Hotel, Randwick (4 Jan 2014)

147 Avoca Street, Randwick NSW 2031
Happy Birthday to being 43

As per my self-imposed tradition I celebrated my 43rd birthday in Hawaiian style since it's the best party theme in my eyes. So easy to dress up and makes for really colourful photos too. I chose The Coach and Horses Hotel again which has a nice private area with easy access to a bar for friends to buy their drinks. 38 adults and 9 kids came along to help celebrate my special day. I ordered platters of Vietnamese vegetable rice paper rolls, Vegetable spring rolls, Vegetarian Arancini, Moroccan lamb skewers and Tempura prawns plus bowls of hot chips. Vietnamese rice paper rolls always make for a good starter. I love my deep fried spring rolls so had to order these like last time. Vegetarian Arancini were tasty with with thin crispy shell so I'd probably order these again. The Moroccan lamb skewers were pretty tasty and the Tempura prawns were probably my favourites again and also popular with the guests. 

First drink of the day was a Pimms and Lemonade followed by some Gin & Tonics courtesy of my generous friends. $592.10 was spent by guests at the bar and my birthday cake was created from 72 Lamington Fingers with 6 punnets of Fresh Strawberries arranged in the number 43 all bought from Coles. No need for cutting, cutlery or plates to eat it which is always my preference for simplicity. I received lots of yummy gifts which I'm looking forward to eating including Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning which apparently goes with everything and washing it all down with some fine wines and the bottle of Taittinger. The David Jones gift voucher will come in very handy at the food hall too.

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PROS: Nice private space for a party with access to bar service, Nice platters of food, Helpful and friendly staff, Fun times with friends
CONS: Trying to think of something new for my next birthday cake
MUST TRY: Planning to have my 50th birthday in Hawaii
VERDICT: Great private area for a party

Airing out my trusty Hawaiian shirt and lei
Lamington Fingers ($3.40 each approx) and Strawberries ($2 per punnet)
Making my birthday cake to spell '43'

Simon's '43' Birthday Cake
Wrapped and ready for transport to the pub

Comfortable seating
A bit of Hawaiian decor to set the mood

Friendly service serving up Vegetable Cocktail Spring Rolls ($60 per 50 pieces platter, 2 ordered)
Hot chips ($6, 5 ordered)
Vietnamese Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls ($60 per 25 pieces platter, 3 ordered)
Vegetarian Arancini ($60 per 30 pieces platter, 3 ordered)

Tempura Prawns with Wasabi & Soya Sauce ($60 per 25 pieces platter, 3 ordered)
Moroccan Lamb Skewers with Yoghurt & Mint Sauce ($60 per 30 pieces platter, 3 ordered)
Pimms and Lemonade makes for a great first drink
Love my gin and tonic
Kids corner
Happy Birthday Cake
Friendly and helpful bar service
Barbie had a good time too

Thank you for all the wonderful and generous gifts
Nice hand writing — I should make a T-shirt out of this
Very cool book 'The Kinfolk Table', thanks Jugernauts
Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning 'Great on Everything'
Taittinger will be very nice for a special occasion, thanks Sip Your Style
Looking forward to learning how to make fresh pasta at Salt Meats Cheese
David Jones Food Hall here I come
Movie gift cards are totally awesome!
I'm liking these tasty VIP Nuts
So many delicious recipes to try out
I love my practical gifts from the parents including 10 bus tickets
Fun birthday cards

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chocolatesuze said...

happy birthday simon!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Happy birthday Simon! And great to see the Hawaiian theme lives on!

bob @ jugernauts said...

its jugernauts simon. :) Awesome post between. And happy birthday mate. Thanks for a great time, wil and I had a fun time.

I think Patrick's pressie = best present. How awesome. So awesome.

Richard Elliot said...

I hope you had a great day!

Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

Happy 43rd birthday Simon! Nice Hawaiin shirt and lei :P

Annie said...

happy birthday!!!

Kelly said...

I absolutely loved the lamington and strawberry birthday cake idea, stealing it. thanks!

Sara | Belly Rumbles said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. I am bummed to have missed it :(

Simon Leong said...

hi chocolatesuze, thanks for the wishes

hi helen, hawaiian forever hehe

hi bob, thanks for the correction oops my bad :-) glad you had a good time

hi richard, was a good day, thanks mate. hope UK is going well for you. i might possibly be visiting in april if things work out. hope to catch up.

hi sherrie, thanks. same shirt for many years now hehe

hi annie, thank you so much

hi kelly, steal away. hope it works out well for you and be sure to show me a photo of your creation

hi sara, hopefully see you next time :-)

Song Zhao said...

Happy birthday Simon! Been a long time follower of your blog, keep the food porn and restaurant reviews coming.

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