22 February 2014

Bowens' Bacon & Egg Rolls at Orange Grove Market, Lilyfield (25 Jan 2014)

Saturdays at Orange Grove Public School (Cnr Perry St & Balmain Rd)
22 Perry Street, Lilyfield NSW 2040

Best Bacon & Egg Roll in Sydney

I love discovering new places I've never heard of before and the Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards has done exactly that when Bowens' Bacon & Egg Rolls won the Favourite Bacon & Egg Roll category. For this reason I had to track down and check them out. The first challenge was working out when and where they were. They didn't seem to have a website and weren't on Urbanspoon (so I added them now) and I found most of the information on other food blogs. Ponytail Journal provided the best information while Gobbled and Gulped and Kings Cross Markets blog provided extra pictures and details about their stall when they were at Kings Cross. I was warned about the queues but it doesn't quite prepare you seeing 30 plus people lining up in front of the stall in anticipation for their bacon and egg fix — and well deserved. Once you get to order the service was friendly and helpful. The kitchen is efficient and constantly pumping out crispy fried bacon and gooey eggs in soft pillowy buns. These guys have a system and it works a treat and I can't wait to have it again.

PROS: Tasty and reasonably priced, Friendly service, Efficient system, A chance to check out all the other market stalls
CONS: Queue gets really long but is constantly moving, Only available at markets, Street parking can be a challenge due to popularity of the market so arrive early
MUST TRY: Bacon & Egg Roll
VERDICT: Friendly and efficient service providing one of the best bacon & eggs I've had in Sydney
Are these the best Bacon & Egg Rolls in town?

The famous queue on Saturdays

Accepting their Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Award for Favourite Bacon & Egg Roll

Is there anything better than the smell and sound of crackling bacon in the morning? I think not.

A very orderly service counter and saucing area

Tomato, BBQ and tabasco sauce

Bacon & Egg Roll ($6.50) — soft pillowy bun, plenty of tasty and crispy bacon, nicely cooked egg

Kitchen in action

A later you get there and longer the queue gets

Flight path above

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Bowens' Bacon & Egg Rolls @ Orange Grove Farmer's Market on Urbanspoon


Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

That's a mighty fine looking bacon and egg roll!

gaby @ lateraleating said...

"Is there anything better than the smell and sound of crackling bacon in the morning?" Definitely not!

Brendan said...

Thank you for the write up Simon, and the pics. It's great to find little gems like your site on the web. Keep up the top quality blogging mate.
-Brendan Bowen
Bowens' Bacon and Egg Rolls.

Simon Leong said...

hi sherrie, it certainly was. kept thinking about it all weekend.

hi gaby, possibly not hehe

hi brendan, congrats on your award and keep on sharing those amazing bacon and egg rolls. by the way feel free to share details on your times and locations if your in other markets around town.

Richard Elliot said...

It definitely is a great bacon sandwich and well worth the title of best in Sydney.

Three / four years ago my friend Clint had a chat with Brendan one Saturday morning and it was fascinating to hear the lengths he goes to in order to get the perfect bacon and the ideal roll.

All that attention to detail is why it tastes great!

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, definitely one for the wishlist for anyone that hasn't tried. i wish i lived closer to it so i could have every weekend :-)

Amanda@ChewTown said...

One of the food bloggers votes that contributed to their win was definitely mine. I only just had one a couple of weekends ago, but after reading your post... I think I have to go again this weekend!!

Simon Leong said...

hi amanda, i can't wait to revisit myself :-)

Simon Leong said...

Bowens' Bacon & Egg Roll gets a mention in The Sunday Times 23 March 2014 http://on.fb.me/1g1KY5R

Eddy said...

I completely agree, best bacon and egg roll I've had in my life. When I lived in Leichhardt I was there in the queue most Saturdays. Actually, I'll have to drop by this weekend!

Also worth checking out Sam Sam the cake man in lane cove, and via Napoli in lane cove. Best vanilla slice I've had in my life, and via Napoli best pizza.

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