19 February 2010

Eat. Drink. Blog. The Australian food and drink bloggers' conference 21 March 2010 - Register your interest

Location: Melbourne
Cost: Free
Shoot: Enter the photography show
Drink/Eat: Drinks party and meal thanks to partners The Essential Ingredient and St Ali.

Eat. Drink. Blog.

If you're interested in attending this inaugural conference then make sure you register your interest. There's apparently only 45 spots available. Sounds like a pretty small conference but should be pretty intense and full of information and networking opportunities if you can make it. Positions are limited so they will be allocating tickets randomly according to state. Time is running out so get in now so you don't miss out. Not sure if there's a branding identity for it at the moment so I've created my own poster for now (picture above). The title of the conference reminds me of the blog ieat•ishoot•ipost based in Singapore.

Register your interest:

Contact Michael from http://myachinghead.net for further details.

Official Logo - 23 Feb 2010


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Interesting. I'm in Melbourne the following weekend, oh well. :-)

john@heneedsfood.blogspot.com said...

Hmmmf ... I was just down there! Bad planning on my behalf

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, that's a shame. i'm not sure how many sydney bloggers will be able to make it. hope some of us get to go down and check it out and report back.

hi john, nah bad planning on their behalf hehe oh well, hopefully there'll be some good posts on what happened and next year will be bigger and better ... and hopefully in Sydney :-)

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