07 August 2010

Home Cooking: Sweet Potato Fries using cold oil cooking method (4 August 2010)

How sweet it is

After cooking and taste testing the McCain Sweet Potato Superfries I wondered how easy (or hard) it would be to just slice up and cook my own sweet potato fries. So in my cooking repertoire I used the newly discovered Cold Oil Cooking Method and gave it a go with some rustically cut sweet potato. It ended up taking about 25-30 minutes I think until the fries were visually browned and cooked enough to my satisfaction. They're probably not the most good looking chips but they ended up having more crispiness than what I could achieve with the packaged chips. Leaving some of the skin on was a bonus because it added some fine layers of crunchiness due to crisping up really well.

PROS: No nasty oil splattering when cooking with this method, Easy recipe to cook sweet potato chips
CONS: Keep watching and moving the chips from time to time so they don't stick to the bottom of the pot
MUST TRY: Use the cold oil cooking method to avoid deep frying splatters

Deep fried sweet potato fries, Chef Leong :-)


YaYa said...

Bravo Chef Leong! I was wondering when you'd get around to it as I'm mad keen to try the cold oil method and the chips look fantastic!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

These look really good! Do the chips get oily because they're in the oil for so long? hmmm

Laura said...

Nice looking chips Chef Leong

They look delicious

thanh7580 said...

Looks great Simon. I haven't blogged my McCain's chips yet. I've got one pack left and was going to try deep frying them instead of baking. I might try this cold oil method as I hate hot oil too.

Sarah Winehouse said...

OMG I love sweet potato, and this cold oil method looks great, thanks for sharing.

Simon Leong said...

hi yaya, hope you get to try this method yourself.

hi kristy, i thought they'd get oily the first time i tried but surprising they don't for some strange reason. i can't explain why. a fish and chip shop actually has more oily chips than this. you must give it a go.

hi laura, thanks! i think i prefer cooking potatoes instead but i know i should eat more sweet potato.

hi thanh, it will be interesting to see if deep frying them will turn out better. i'm not sure if the cold oil method will work for the packaged chips but give it a go for freshly cut potatoes and sweet potato.

hi sarah, hope you get to try it out and let me know how it goes for you :-) i think it's pretty easy and fool proof.

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