07 August 2010

Grill'd: Healthy burgers made with love, Darlinghurst (22 July 2010)

241 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2021

Healthy burger promise

Thanks to Charmaine from Liquid Ideas for sending me a $25 voucher to use at Grill'd. I remember seeing this burger franchise in Melbourne but didn't get a chance to try so I've been curious to visit the popular new shop on Crown Street. Is there such thing as a healthy burger? — well Grill'd aim to achieve this with their promise of using the freshest ingredients and meat patties that are super low in fat. Two of the most popular menu choices are the 'Simon says' chicken burger ($11.90) named after me of course which comes with grilled chicken breast, avocado, crispy trim bacon, salad, relish and herbed mayo and the Simply Grill'd beef burger ($8.90) which has grilled 100% lean beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo. Both burgers are made to order with care by the kitchen staff and have a home style taste which doesn't taste too processed and leave you feeling heavy and blotted in the stomach as you might find with other burgers. I think it might be due to the low fat meat patty which doesn't taste too oily and I can tell by it's taste it's less fatty.

Hot chips are a must with any burger purchase, it's common burger etiquette, and their Hot chips ($4.30 regular size) with tomato relish ($0.70) are quite thickly cut and nicely seasoned. They perhaps could have been a bit more crispy and rustic for my liking although I guess they wouldn't be as healthy then. In terms of the burger structure I prefer my sauce to be near the meat rather than on the bun near the salad — sauce and juicy meat go hand in hand on the taste buds. Also the use of raw red onion is a bit overpowering — and bad for the breath — I prefer it a bit cooked to reduce some of the stark onion taste. Other than that I'd be pretty happy to have the burgers again when the call of a late night craving swoops upon me which seems to be when I usually get tempted to eat a burger these days.

PROS: Healthy home style taste with quality ingredients, Interesting menu choices, Friendly service, Nice decor and seating, 4 unisex toilets available, Handy location
CONS: Use of raw onion, Takes a little bit of time to freshly prepare and cook, More pricey than your average burger joint
MUST TRY: At least once to compare to all other burgers

Simply Grill'd beef burger: Grilled 100% lean beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo $8.90 with tasty cheese $1 extra

'Simon says' chicken burger: Grilled chicken breast, avocado, crispy trim bacon, salad, relish and herbed mayo $11.90

Hot Chips: Thick-cut Tasmanian Russet-Burbank potato chips $4.30 (regular size) with tomato relish ($0.70)

Kitchen station

Separate and communal table seating

The Grill'd branding

Right next door to Mad Mex

My $25 Grill'd voucher from Liquid Ideas

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Richard Elliot said...

Have you tried the Big Rig Diner in Darlinghurst if you have a burger fettish late at night?

PIE-314 said...

Looks like the burger version of Chipotle :)

Laura said...

Oh boy, I haven't tried grill'd yet.
I'll try the chicken one.

thanh7580 said...

Blog jinx haha.

I love Grill'd burgers. Always eat them whenever possible. You're so lucky to get a voucher, wish they'd send me one as I'm already a massive fan of Grill'd.

What's your favourite burger Simon? I usually eat the Simply Grill'd or the Mighty Melbourne. Do they have the Mighty Sydney in Sydney?

Kim said...

I ate there once, not a big fan I have to say, and it is quite expensive $40 for burger chips and drink for 2 people is a bit much, my fave burger place is this hole in the wall place in Darlinghurst, called the burger joint (liverpool st) they have a HUGE selection of burgers and wraps, very good price and huge portion. My week is not complete without a meal from the burger joint. =)

Al said...

The brand, the premises all very slick and the burgers are decent.

However, what is it with all the dried herbs?!?! They're in the patties, on the fries.... Tis a shame.

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, i certainly have. very handy for those late night munchies when you've been on the town.

hi PIE-314, i haven't tried Chipotle but i'd love to :_)

hi laura, let me know how you go when you've had a chance to try them.

hi thanh, it's the first time i've tried it but i tend to go for the classic ones although there's so many choices i'd be keen to try others. i think they have the Mighty. sounds really big :-)

hi kim, $40 for burger chips and drink is expensive, expecially if all you want is a quick food fix to get you by. i haven't tried burger joint as yet but keen to check it out now. thanks for the tip.

hi al, i guess the dried herbs are their for flavour? i don't mind them on the fries though :-)

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