06 August 2010

Competition: 10 x Piranha Party Packs to be won (1 August 2010)

17 Elizabeth Street, Campsie NSW 2194

Winners are grinners

How would you like to win a box full of Piranha products?

Our friends at PIRANHA are generously giving away 10 x Piranha Party Packs to lucky readers of Simon Food Favourites. Piranha Party Packs will contain an assortment of Potato Grills and Nut & Soy Multigrain Mixes and they'll basically try and fit as many as they can into the delivery carton — YUM YUM! There'll also be 5 lucky runner up consolation prizes of cartons of Piranha Seal Salt Golden Hash Potato Grills — that's 24 packs per carton!

All you have to do to try and win is make a comment below and tell us in 50 words or less: What kind of party would you have if you won a Piranha Party Pack and why?

ENTRIES CLOSE: 31 August 2010

8 x gluten free 75g POTATO GRILLS
Flavours: Sea Salt, Saucy Barbeque, Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli, Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt, Mild Creamy Mushroom, Barbeque & Cream Cheese, Roast Chicken Herb Sasoning (meat free), Tomato Herbs & Cheddar
Plus 2 packs each of:
80g PIRANHA Flame Thrower HOT
80g PIRANHA Flame Thrower MILD
80g PIRANHA Premium Bollywood Bhuja Mix
80g PIRANHA Cashew & Multigrain Mix
40g PIRANHA MAXIGRAIN Waves Smokehouse Barbeque
Plus a PIRANHA cap

Carton of 24 x 20g PIRANHA Sea Salt

Terms and Conditions:
• Entries will be judged on creativity, honesty and humor.
• Entries close 11.59 pm AEST 31 August 2010 and will be announced on this blog.
• Only one entry comment per person allowed.
• Be sure to leave a valid email address so you can be contacted.
• Tixana will deliver to the 10 winners anywhere in Australia — how cool!
• Piranha will have final decision on what goes into the winning party packs.
• If you're a winner feel free to email me a photo of you with your Piranha Party Pack so I can share on this blog (not compulsory if you're camera shy).
• If I only get 10 comments on this blog that correctly answer the question by the due date then those 10 people will automatically win. You gotta be in it to win it :-)

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Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

I'd throw a fancy dress party with a mixed bunch of my friends to match the mixed bunch of chips!
Plus, I'm happy with ANY excuse to dress up and have fun! A belated 18th perhaps?

BGDino said...

I'd have a post med school finals piranha party to celebrate surviving being "grilled" by all our examiners and hope that our results aren't too much of a "mixed box". I'd serve up some Grand Piranhas for drinks (lemon juice, sugar syrup, Cointreau, cachaca) and perhaps make a piranha piñata!

MightyMites said...

If I won a party pack, I'd throw a "Piranha Attack" Party where my guests would be encouraged to dress up as victims of a real Piranha attack with torn clothes, fake blood, and piranha accessories. I'll decorate my home with an aquatic look with scuba diving paraphernalia.

Unknown said...

I will have a underwater themed party where everyone must dress up as something from under the sea. We will then have revenge and eat all the Piranha's....from the Party Pack. Muhahaha

Unknown said...

They would go perfectly with my American themed poker night! The green felt will be laid out, the 'chips' (piranha and playing ones) will be stacked... We're talkin' wagyu sliders, buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing and messy sticky ribs! All washed down with ice cold beers. Ahhh... oh right then we play some Texas Hold 'em ;)

E! said...

Given that the prize will most likely be received in October, the party pack would be perfect for a Halloween party. What better way to celebrate a scary party theme than by having 'Piranha' chips? :)

Madam Wu said...

Tastebud party in my mouth with those spine-tingling, mouth-watering flavours of soy snack mix, Bollywood bhua mix and BBQ. Smokin! Ok, I would share them at a dress up party inspired by those crazy fusion flavours from India, Asia and mid-West USA. Cowboy hat a must!

Unknown said...

I'd have a rapper party. Come dress as your favorite rapper and we'd all have to wear Potato GRILLS yo!

Sarah Winehouse said...

Haha, the comments above are good. I'd play potato grill games, everyone gets sloshed, but no food, so everyone's desparate to eat the chips. Then play dare to everyone, those who do outrageous things get to eat a packet. Nahhh. the one's above are better than mine someone else deserves it! haha

Sarah Winehouse said...

sorry.. and behave and eat the chips like Pirhanas!

JM said...

I'm having a big bash for my 40th next month and this would be fantastic!! I love Tixana products - yummy!!

Jackie said...

I would have a Piranha Party of One and pig out on the chips myself - and the party will last as long as it takes me to finish all the awesome flavours. My husband is the only one allowed to join the party... maybe...

Jane said...

i'd love to have Piranha there for my bday in october! some board games with the Piranha chips would be part of the game plan. so we can literally eat the pieces when they are 'eaten' during the game. then losers are winners too! guess the flavour would be another option :)

lisa said...

A sated one thanks to Simon. :D

brymad99 said...

i would serve these at my 30th birthday party, there are several guests that are gluten free, so they would be much appreciated here

DD said...

A Christening of our new garage! Where we'd put on a yummy spit roast, and all the delicious Piranha nibbles - and being in the garage, it won't matter how many nibbles hit the floor & get trodden into it!!

Diana said...

A baby naming party, where all our friends and family get to write suggested names into a scrap book for us to peruse & hopefully choose one of! It'll be alot of fun, a great chance to get together, and enjoy the yummy party pack.

Ernie said...

Boys only - BYO drinks & I'll supply the entertainment & snacks......while we send the girls out with our credit cards, the peace will be well worth it!!

Karina L said...

I would have a free food for fatties party for my team of scabs at work.

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

Well that is an obvious one, if it is a Piranah party it would have to be a party with bite. Some taste bud tantalizing cocktails to accompany the the delicious Piranha nibbles, followed by spicy food with bite. Mix in some hot jazz and you have a great post winter party to welcome in the coming summer.

Josh McC said...

The party in my case would have to be The Survived the HSC party for me and my mates at school... If I win that is.

Most proble that it happens any way.

TC said...

This would be great for my 1 year old daughter birthday party coming up soon. I can already invision the mums fighting over the Piranha Potatoes :)

Unknown said...

I'd throw a taste-testing party - you must be blindfolded and guess the flavours.

PIE-314 said...

I'm unfortunately in the U.S, but this is what I would do if I had these:

I'd have a taste testing party. I'll make my guests dress up in suits and prom dresses, and I'll serve everyone puny pieces of cheese and grape juice. Also, texting and informal parlance will be forbidden. All must speak in super-formal English, with complete sentences and grammar. Throughout this, we won't be allowed to laugh, or else we will have to sit out. And watch the other people. We must consume one potato grill at a time.

If we get leftovers by the time everyone is "out" from laughing, we'll have a movie party full of potato grill chomping. :D

thanh7580 said...

I'd have a chip swap party. Basically everyone brings a packet of chips of their favourite chips. We then eat and compare the Piranha chips with the brought over ones. If the Piranha chips are better, the guests gets to leave their leftover chips and take away a tasty bag of Piranha chips. If the guest's chips are better, the guest take away their remaining chips. I'm sure I'll have happy guests as they either work out if Piranha chips are better and get to take away a packet, or find that their beloved favourite chip is the best.

Arran said...

The word gluten-free was like a shining beacon as my son has Coeliac Disease, celebrating a 'food for everyone' party would be excellent!

taddros said...

A healthy party would be had by all.
These are the safest and tastiest chips of all.
A treat for the kids that won't put them on the skids.
Piranha chips are always on our invites.

Jasmine said...

We'll have an early christmas party. It could be a great Father's Day party. I know dad would love it

piccolanippy said...

I'd have a gluten free party because my mum, my sister and my brother in law are all gluten intolerant.

Simon Leong said...

Dear Readers,

Thanks for all the fantastic entry comments. The competition is now closed and all entries will be judged shortly.

Many thanks and happy eating

Simon :-)

Simon Leong said...


The top 10 winners for the Piranha Party Pack have been chosen and the chosen entries are:
01 Kristy Sayer
02 BGDino
03 MightyMites
04 Wylie
05 Re
06 Madam Wu
07 Jane
08 DD
09 Sara @ Belly Rumbles
10 thanh7580

Piranha are going to generously provide not just 5 runner up prize packs BUT 19 runner up prizes so ALL entries get to enjoy Piranha.

To claim your prize please email me at simonleong[at]hotmail[dot]com with the subject 'Piranha Party Pack Competition', your full name, Australian mailing address and phone number so I can pass on to Piranha to send you your Piranha Party Packs. Please make sure you include a copy of your exact comment that you made on the blog and include details of your food blog if you have one.

As they say you've got to be in it to win it and I'm sure you're all thankful you entered. Thanks for reading Simon Food Favourites and I hope you'll enjoy your Piranha products soon.

Many thanks
Simon Leong :-)

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