20 August 2010

TEN Japanese Cuisine, Randwick (14 Aug 2010)

80-82 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

Excellent salmon sashimi

It's not often that I sit at a Japanese restaurant and get asked whether I would like a fork instead of the chopsticks — perhaps I didn't look Asian enough, although the two friends I was sitting with were pretty Anglo looking and they didn't get asked — that's weird!

The normal menu prices are a bit on the pricey side but the lunch special menu is more affordable. Our service was rather perfunctory (that's a new word I've learnt) and wasn't particularly warm and friendly but the food made up for this in the end. My order of Teriyaki chicken with salmon sashimi, salmon and avocado baby rolls, rice, salad, agedashi tofu ($16.80) was tasty, filling and thankfully didn't contain too much grizzle in the chicken. The salmon sashimi was some of the best I've had for a long time. So soft and melt in your mouth with decent flavour — it must have been very fresh and there was none of than chewy bit you sometimes get in it. Side salad was dressed well and fresh. I tried the prawn gyoza which was nice and flavoursome. The Teriyaki beef was quite finely sliced and tasty. I'd go back again although I hope their service is more welcoming next time like the lovely staff at Zakura Japanese Restaurant in Bondi Junction.

PROS: Nice decor and seating, Well presented dishes, Good quality, Excellent salmon sashimi
CONS: Service is a bit perfunctory, Normal menu a bit pricey
MUST TRY: Salmon sashimi

Teriyaki chicken with salmon sashimi (2 pieces), salmon and avocado baby rolls (6 pieces), rice, salad, agedashi tofu (2 pieces) $16.80/hot food set lunch special

Teriyaki tofu with salmon sashimi (2 pieces), salmon and avocado baby rolls (6 pieces), rice, salad, prawn gyoza (3 pieces) $16.80/hot food set lunch special

Teriyaki beef with salmon sashimi (2 pieces), salmon and avocado baby rolls (6 pieces), rice, salad, prawn gyoza (3 pieces) $16.80/hot food set lunch special

Table condiments

Nice seating

Wine and sake

Lunch special menu

Toilet clean and plants to keep you company


MsCritique.com said...

That looks like such great value. Have you been/reviewed Sushi Suma's lunch set?

BGDino said...

I've eaten here a couple of times, and while they make a satisfactory teriyaki chicken udon and nice takoyaki, the karaage chicken udon I ordered was one of the more disappointing bowls of udon I'd ever had (although I should have known better than to choose karaage chicken).

I rate Zen Japanese (at the Spot) and Ichi Ban Boshi in Bondi Jct higher for udon. :)

Maria @ Scandi Foodie said...

You can imagine how many times I get asked that question and I like to think I'm actually quite ok with chopsticks! lol

Simon Leong said...

hi MsCritique, i've been to sushi suma at night for dinner but i didn't realise they were open for lunch. i've still got photos back in feb of my visit i haven't had a chance to post hehe

hi BGDino, that's a shame about their udon noodles. i'm actually not a big fan of udons but perhaps i haven't found a good place to try it. any recommendations. i'll be sure to keep to the bento box if i visit again. i love kaarage chicken so that's a shame it was disappointing. i'm always looking for a good one of these. i might have to try it next time to compare to others i've had though. i've yet to try Zen but will do next time. i think ichi ban boshi in BJ are good at what they do. they seem to be more authentic and their service is a lot better. i like how they call out to each other in the kitchen when orders come in.

hi maria, it's probably one of the first times i've been asked. perhaps i should have said can i have a spoon please to confuse them hehe :-)

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